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 Marie on Oprah
Marie on Oprah
30 years after Marie Osmond married, then divorced Stephen Craig, she married him again. Some might say the woman is a glutton for punishment oder she never got over the man she truly loved.

Today, Osmond says she’s happier the Sekunde time around, and is grateful for the way her husband treats her.

According to press reports, Osmond’s Sekunde marriage to Musik producer Brian Blosil wasn’t blissful Von any means.

Globe Magazine reported that despite enduring terrible (emotional) pain, Marie never publicly detailed the humiliation she endured during her 20-year Sekunde marriage to the record producer....
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'Losing to Win' Autor Randy Jernigan has put rumors to rest, coming out as gay on a Christian talk radio program this week.

The celebrity biographer opened up to close friend and talk Zeigen host Stephen Seares about his "life-long burden" in a very emotional interview on the early Sunday morning show.

Jernigan was asked to appear on the Zeigen to talk about politics and his support of Hillary Clinton when Seares Fragen turned personal.

"yes I'm gay..,and I've carried this secret with me all my life and I just can't do it anymore," Jernigan explained to the conservative radio audience. "It's...
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Randy Jernigan has signed an agreement with a new American publisher and cable network to write a biography and now a documentary on the British Royal family which he's tentatively titled, "Family Secrets."

Jernigan, who recently published The Life and Career of Marie Osmond, says he's always been an admirer of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of her family, and has always wanted to take a serious look at the British Monarch in a book.

"Randy has been planning to release a book on the Royal family for some time now, then after the initial announcement a broadcast house approached the agency about...
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