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Statement of Intent: If Du read to the end, you'll notice that I do not advocate against Lesen Twilight, just putting it into context for young readers. This was originally written for a Facebook audience of Friends until I decided to post it here as well. It was not intended to offend Twilight Fans oder readers, but to simply give a little perspective on why I believe Edward Cullen is a poor character to respect/admire. Should there be enough beliebt demand, I'm willing to write a similar Artikel about Bella Swan.

Personality Traits in Abusive Relationships [link, link]

Note: The ones in bold...
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Last Jahr I put together a Liste of Bücher that I read coupled with my opinions on them, using my reviews from good reads. I decided to keep it going.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Smoke and Shadow #3)

I got to read this one like way back in March thanks to tumblr lol. But I decided to wait until I actually got a physical copy to review it on here.

Any how 10/10 *was satisfied with the amount of Azula*
As always, I really enjoyed the comic as a whole, I really liked this story line. The whole fear based theme and the Kemurikage were wonderful. I'd really Liebe to know Mehr about those ladies.

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 Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'
Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'
Vampires – just because some of them sparkle doesn’t mean there’re all bad.

The Classical Vampire
The first vampire to appear in fictional literature was created Von the British Autor John William Polidori in his book ‘The Vampyre’. After this came the rather long short story ‘Carmilla’ Von Sheridan Le Fanu. But it was a work inspired Von these two stories that remains the greatest vampire story to this Tag – Bram Stoker’s ’Dracula’. ’Dracula’, which was published in 1897, started a Vampire craze the hasn’t ceased yet. It is in this novel that we find the original,...
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When I look on Youtube oder even here, there are people that just want every one to hate the Twilight series and Edward most of all! THEY ARE FICTIONAL! And your all fighting like a bunch of babies! Its a book! Du dont have to like it and I am not telling Du to read it if Du haven't.
I agree, Liebe does not work like she explains it, and this book is pretty stereotypical but thats not the point!
Us kids and Teens know that Vampire and Werwölfe are NOT real but we have every right to like what we want to like!
I see that some people are waiting for someone like Ewdard to come and sweep them...
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Harry Potter
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