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Buffy's memories of Spike after he dies. No song, just background music. Brilliant editing, sad. All credit goes to Fox, and the vid's creator. Made Von Nadya149.
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Bangel vs Spuffy!

Its kind of a big Debatte really isn't it. Like for instense, who did Buffy Liebe the most and so on, but my opinion really is that she loved them both the same, but just in different ways. If Du haven't loved Mehr than 2 guys before then i don't think you'll understand where i'm coming from.

Buffy and Angel – Jäger der Finsternis were Mehr of the Liebe and feeling side whereas Spike and Buffy was Mehr physical, aswell as the Liebe and feeling. I'm a big spuffy fan, so this Artikel might be a bit biased on the Spike and Buffy love.

Buffy and Angel
Buffy and Engel relationship was really touching for...
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 'Out Of My Mind" Spike's dreadful dream about Buffy
'Out Of My Mind" Spike's dreadful dream about Buffy
So ok, I know this Artikel is similar to ones at Spuffy spot. It's not its about Spike's obession over Buffy. Now when I watched the epsiode in season 5 "Out Of My Mind", in the end of the epsiode Buffy came to see Spike to kill him. But Spike wanted her to kill him. He decides to KISS instead. Just we all that it was Spike's dream that he had about the slayer.

When Spike realizes that he actually loves the slayer. He figures out how to talk to her.Starts being the stalker around Buffy.Like stealing her clothes, pictures all over his crupt that is down the sewers? Then Buffy figures out the...
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