ally Payne

Bei Fanpop seit July 2012

  • Female, 26 years old
  • Mount Laurel, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants
    Favorite Movie: The Amazing Spiderman
    Favorite Musician: Liam Payne
    Favorite Book or Author: The Lucky One
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MrsPayne009 sagte über Louis Tomlinson
I'm not a CRAZED fan, but i'm close!!! I can't wait to meet u!! <333 gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
sydnye1234 Kommentiert…
i want too meet him too. i might even be going too one of there concerts Vor mehr als einem Jahr
MrsPayne009 sagte über Liam Payne
hey<3 I just wanted to tell Du that i cried when Du made it on the X-Factor. Simon was stupid for letting Du go the first time. Your voice is amazing, and your hair is perfect. I don't wanna be like every other fan, and say "i Liebe Du marry me!!" im different. The band wouldn't be the same without you, remember that! We're a lot alike no lie. I wish i was taller, and i was beaten up from bullies too. So i know what it feels like. it would mean the world if Du responded. ~Ally gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Beliebergirl105 Kommentiert…
we r twins.......every word u sagte described exactly what i did, and feel...he is a beautiful person and im shure hes tired of crazed Fans Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Beliebergirl105 Kommentiert…
i fanned u....ur just like me .......what u sagte is like u read the words strait out of my brain Vor mehr als einem Jahr
directioner0550 Kommentiert…
Hmm Simon is and never was stupid. Liam was just not old enough Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Beliebergirl105 Kommentiert…
ya actually he was.....liam was awesome Vor mehr als einem Jahr