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Die Fanauswahl: The old live action Models
The old live action Models
the new cgi computer Animation
Die Fanauswahl: I have already read them
I have already read them
I plan on Lesen them
Die Fanauswahl: oliver
Die Fanauswahl: Gordon
Die Fanauswahl: Yes, I watch the Thomas movies.
Yes, I watch the Thomas...
No I only like to watch the TV...
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teddy-1966 sagte …
Thomas and Friends will no longer be on public Fernsehen in the US.
A quote from Thomas & Friends Wikia reads

"After PBS' contract for the series ended on 31 December 2017, Mattel announced that Nick Jr. will be the new US Home for Thomas & Friends beginning March 12th, 2018 with an airing of The Adventure Begins. Nickelodeon will also be the exclusive consumer products licenser for the US."

Link: link gepostet vor 10 Tagen
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
I never liked PBS. I think this is good. Very good. vor 8 Tagen
80smusiclover1 sagte …
"Excuse me sir, Du are wanted on the telephone." "Bother that telephone!" ~The Butler and The Fat Controller (From Thomas in Trouble) gepostet vor 8 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
Excuse me, do Du have Prince Albert in a can? vor 7 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog sagte …
I wasn't planning to do this at first, but I think that my new characters Marcus, and Catherine may appear in Mehr episodes than just 118. Frank & Perry are special guest stars. gepostet vor 8 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
Another thought came to mind. I might have either Frank, oder Perry appear in Mehr episodes too. One of those guys will get the bigger role. vor 8 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
It's Perry. Frank is no more, but the two diesels may get their own spin-off, taking place in the past. vor 8 Monaten