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Die Fanauswahl: Gerard Butler
Die Fanauswahl: The Phantom
Die Fanauswahl: Christine
The Phantom
Die Fanauswahl: Gerald
Die Fanauswahl: no
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DRWHO94761 sagte …
I Liebe POTO so much!! It really saved my life back in middle school because I felt worthless just like Erik, but when I saw it I realized that even though I might feel worthless their will be someone who loves me for who I am and they won't think I'm worthless at all! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Stephy_01Rane sagte …
Hold up! Did anyone know there was a freaking SEQUEL TO THIS MASTERPEICE?! It is called Liebe Never Dies. I have been a Fan of this musical/movie for years. Wtf. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hatelarxene Kommentiert…
Liebe Never Dies is terrible. The Musik sucks, the plot is horrible, Stockholm Syndrome is rampant throughout the whole thing, and the characters are so unlikable and boring (and Christine was already unlikable and boring, so making her even moreso is a goddamn feat). LND is worse than the awful 2004 movie, which I didn't think was possible. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
phantom_best Kommentiert…
Phantom was a lot Mehr accessible and I guess Liebe Never Dies is an acquired taste but like anything that isn’t a jingle made to sell two copies, it needs to be learned and appreciated. The Musik is beautiful and that is non disputable. Granted the ending is god awful but no one ever hired Andrew Lloyd Webber for his play Schreiben skills. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
DRWHO94761 Kommentiert…
Ok, to be honest I didn't really like LND, but to be fair it was adapted from a Fan book tittled "Phantom of Manhattan" its a good book. But to me its Mehr like a what if story than anything. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Sideswipesgirl sagte …
I do like it and watched it gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr