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Die Fanauswahl: Ash and Mary Lynette
Die Fanauswahl: Ash Redfern Daughters of Darkness
Die Fanauswahl: Ash & Mary-Lynette
Ash & amp; Mary- Lynette
Delos & amp; Maggie
Die Fanauswahl: The Huntress
The Huntress
Daughter&# 39; s of Darkness
Die Fanauswahl: Rashel Jordan
Rashel Jordan
Jez Redfern
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princessSkylar sagte …
What is a shapeshifter's symbol? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
katie403 sagte …
Alright everybody
i know strange fate isn't coming out till like foreva.
i want to know who u think u will like better mal oder kierlan.
and i want to know why.
do Du think mal will be like damon from tvd and gabriel from dark visions??
do u think kierlan will be like stefan from tvd and rob from dark visions gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
katie403 Kommentiert…
Let me know peps Vor mehr als einem Jahr
katie403 sagte …
I heard strange fate isn't coming out until August 2012. i mean we've all been waiting. the one thing i know is that i'm buying it as soon as it comes out. i hope ash is going to be in it gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
katie403 Kommentiert…
not 2012, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
katie403 Kommentiert…
sorry had a blonde moment with the Jahr Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HowlinForLove Kommentiert…
OMG I had no idea that book was COMING OUT IN 2014!!!! What the H*LL is takeing them so long to f*cking get a book out I've waiting for like forever and now I'm just pissed off. I mean not at the person im commenting on but come on 2014 oh F*CK THAT. But then again I'm just glad that the Bücher at least coming out b/c my Friends and me had no idea if it even was. And oh yeah I hope that Ash and Mary-Lynette meet again and are together forever and all the crap in this book I will be like ok I forgive u for takeing this long but if they don't there will be a very pissed me at there door •-• Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HowlinForLove Kommentiert…
And the book better be very... VERY long >0< looooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg Vor mehr als einem Jahr