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RTS2000 sagte …
I'm a massive Sonic fan, Liebe it a lot and got loads of games/merchandise gepostet vor 4 Tagen
BlueKittypower Kommentiert…
I take it Du are new here so welcome and nice to meat you. I hope Du enjoy it here. vor 4 Tagen
RTS2000 Kommentiert…
I was here a long time ago, but Sonic has always been a fave of mine, thank Du :) vor 4 Tagen
kicksomebut23 Kommentiert…
me too, i was here for about 5 years vor 3 Tagen
BlueKittypower sagte …
It's sad; no one is aver on here that much anymore. gepostet vor 12 Tagen
NagisaFurukawa- Kommentiert…
I am still on here. But it seems like other social media sites Mehr active in their groups and pages than Fanpop is. Which is sad. Fanpop is a good website. vor 12 Tagen
BlueKittypower Kommentiert…
So ture NagisaFurkawa indeed; Fanpop is a grate website and I still post on here when I can. vor 11 Tagen
meh_101 sagte …
My girlfriend haves Sonic Forces gepostet vor 19 Tagen
BlueKittypower Kommentiert…
Thats cool. I have yet to play it, vor 12 Tagen
NagisaFurukawa- Kommentiert…
It's a good game so far. Too short though. vor 12 Tagen