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posted by Feathershine
1. Call 911 and say someone got hit Von a car, then tell the a Zufällig address
2. Write a short story on a magical wizard named Harry
3. Get some eggs, open a window and throw them at people walking by
4. Go to your neighbors house, knock on the door, and wait till they open it. When they open it start crying and say "I'm sorry for your loss"
5. Run up to Zufällig people and give them a hug
6. Jump, and try to catch the clouds
7. Roam around the neighborhood and direct cars
8. Run in circles and if someone asks Du what your doing say "I'm running about! What are Du doing?!"
9. Go through your Essen and when your parents come buy say "gosh, their SUCH lame shoppers, they didn't even get chips!"
10. Run around the house and scream "don't mess with me! I've got myself a laza!!"
11. When there's a flock of birds outside clap your hands and watch them fly away
12. Lay in your front yard, on your stomach and pretend your swimming
13. Take toilet paper and tepee other houses
14. Run up to someone Zufällig and scream "your the guy who stahl, stola my waffles!!"
15. Two words: bumbling moron
16.take your phone dial a Zufällig number and say "is your refrigerator running? Well Du better go catch it!!" without an answer from them on the phone
17. Get tissues turn on a Zufällig Zeigen on TV and start crying and scream "this is so sad I could just... Crumble up and die!!"
18. Be the monsta under the bed
19. Run around and say in a Mexican accent "woof woof, i am a dog!"
20. Bounce a ball against a ball, and make it as loud as Du can
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me-every one sagte the old house down the block was haunted *roll my eyes* no such thing as "haunted" so i told my friendz i am proving it its not "haunted"

THE Weiter Tag
i cant get in the house (sure duh yeah i was scared i was going in alone but i tried playing it strong) oh well cant get in well bye but right after that i forgot Chloe could open any door with a nail after that she pushed me in and slamed the door behind me

the house was so OLD & LAME & SMELLY !! and fucken large like wow HELLO i yelled ugh what was the point every time i took a step the floor creeked and every time it did i could hear a dark voice saying get..out

i tried not to yell so i ran up the steps and saw...the dead body of old man jons i screamed so loud i think the whole world heared me i had to step over the dead body to go past him i saw the dead body had a messer in the chest i new somthing was wrong
posted by lexie2635
This is my first fanfiction.I hope Du like it. Please Kommentar down below about what Du like, what Du don’t like, and what Du want to see next.Short chapter.

A penpal relationship is often used to practice Lesen and Schreiben in a foreign language, to improve literacy, to learn Mehr about other countries and life-styles, and to make friendships. As with any friendships in life, some people remain penpals for only a short time, while others continue to exchange letters and presents life-long. Some penpals eventually arrange to meet face to face. Some pen pals even get married....
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Mind Warp: Xbox360 Illusion Game - Episode 2 - Feels like you're 'High'!
this is the Nyan Cat in all around the world