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Opinion by TheFameMonsta posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Nightcrawler otherwise known as Kurt Wagner was born a blue skinned mutant with hooved feet and hands as well as a long blue tail. He was brought up in Germany Von foster parents and when he was older joined the Munich circus where he got his X-Name. He is quite proud of his heritage and will tell anyone he meets about it - whether they want to listen oder not.

We are introduced to Nightcrawler in X2 when he makes an attack on the president of the US but when he is shot he makes a quick retreat and teleports away. The X-Men try to locate him and find him in an abandoned church near Boston and learn of his plight and take him with them.

He proves his valour when Rouge falls out the back of the jet and teleports her to safety. He quickly gains a friend in Storm and Fragen her anger against humans. He proves he is Merida - Legende der Highlands Von teleporting into the unknown to save man kind and Professor X and hence proving his worth to the X-Men.

Nightcrawler is simply adorable and with his cute German accent and sweet nature he is a treat for all the fans, though some are left wondering why the movie producers decided to go with the religious side of Nightcrawler.
Opinion by Takuya posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Here I will try to explain why Kurt Wagner - Nightcrawler is one of my Favorit characters of all time.

The first I ever saw of Nightcrawler was on the cover of an X-Men comic book I borrowed from my aunt and I liked the fact that he looked so much kühler than everyone else but since I couldn't read that well at the time I didn't even know what his name was.

Then a few years later I turned on the TV and there was a trailer for the new Zeigen X-Men: Evolution and I was very excied about it since I loved the first X-Men animated Zeigen and I hadn't seen Nightcrawler in it, Anyway after watching the first episode Nightcrawler was already my Favorit character and he didn't dissapoint me for the rest of the series.

The reason why I like this character is that I have always related with characters that are different and I Liebe characters that has something about them to overcome, In Kurt Wagners case it is his "demonic" appearence that makes him very insecure.