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Die Fanauswahl: Green Nocturne
Green Nocturne
Slip Away
Die Fanauswahl: Europe
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nellsroombr sagte …
I always felt sorry for international Fans becuase there is no English-speaking channel to get information about the band. Now I'll try to translate some of the important events from the Korean Fan site. I hope this site could be a gathering place for Nell Fans from everywhere. I'm sorry that I can't speak any language other than Korean and English (and a littel bit of broken Chince and Japanese lol). gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fondoflife Kommentiert…
Since when do Du know this group? Because in France, the korean Musik Fans listen SNSD, 2ne1, 2AM oder Super junior and the others ... Since I know Nell, I am really disapointed to haven't discovered this group before. I am fond of this kind of music!!!!! They have an incredible talent! Vor mehr als einem Jahr