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jinniesathot sagte …
Hello <3 I made a new fem Slash club for Sakura & Ino (from Naruto). Could Du please Mitmachen it? Du are welcome to post your desired sakuino to it as well :) gepostet vor 6 Monaten
Olli4000 sagte …
Hey there everyone would like your help with a Umfrage i have made ^w^ it is Naruto related so if Du don't see the Zeigen oder read the Manga then don't take this Umfrage ^w^ thanks now for those of Du who do and who might be interested it is about who should Sasuke have ended up with at the end :3 gepostet vor 9 Monaten
StolenPride sagte …
I personally like both shippuden and Naruto 50/50 gepostet vor 11 Monaten