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posted by servaege

Christmas With The 'Full House' Twins

Every Weihnachten Eve, Dave Olsen, Ashley and Mary Kate's Father, cuts sponges into the shape of footprints, dips them in flour and makes little elf prints on the floor throughout the house. Outside, on the front lawn of the handsome 5,800-square-foot Home in San Fernando Valley, he puts down prints around a sled-shaped section of the lawn. "The kids still believe that if they don't go to sleep, Santa's helpers won't come," says Dave. But they don't sleep for long. At 5:30 Weihnachten morning, Ashley and Mary Kate, 6, Elizabeth...
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posted by servaege

Twice the Fun-or Double Trouble?
One reporter's harrowing account of a Tag with TV's most beliebt munchkins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Von Les Wiseman

They haunt me, those hours I spent with them. I still wake up screaming. For it was a black Tag in a reporter's notebook when I interviewed the Olsen twins. On the surface everything seemed peachy; spend a Tag with North America's most beloved double-zygote munchkins. Mary Kate and Ashley, who turned 6 in June, have the sixth-highest TVQ (likability rating), slightly behind Cos and Michael Jordan and above Robin Williams, Kevin...
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posted by servaege

Full House Twins are full-sized handfull as they make their first movie

Full House twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are all sugar and spice when the cameras are rolling - but things aren't always so nice when the half-pint pair decide to just be themselves. It's not that the little ladies have the devil in them -it's just that, like any other 5-year-olds, they can be a real handful when they decide to act their age. That's the low-down from insiders on the set of their hit TV Zeigen and Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen crew members who've spent the past couple of months in Vancouver helping the angelic...
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