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Die Fanauswahl: Both!!!
Die Fanauswahl: "And I am Telling Du I'm Not Going" (Dreamgirls)
Die Fanauswahl: 5
Die Fanauswahl: 3
Bisher haben noch keine Fans abgestimmt.
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Jennifer Hudson Wand

Sigdan sagte …
Hello Jennifer
I' m from Denmark and I would like to know if you' re
Planing a koncert soon in this Jahr 2019
I' m married
And my wife is a Very big Fan of Du ( so am I)
I would like to give her tickets for your koncert somewhere
In The World ( wedding gift)
Please please return with a answer
I need it 💕💕💕
From Dan
Maybe Du could send a kalender og possibel on my e mail gepostet vor einem Monat
Charlotte2014 sagte …
My daughter is 4 years old and a massive JHud fan. Youngest ever? gepostet vor 11 Monaten
Ihatejenhudson sagte …
I HATTTEEEEEEE JENNIFER HUDSON... ONE WORD ---> SUCKY .... TWO WORDS ....---> NO TALENT... THREE WORDS ...---> DOING THE LEAST!!!! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
moose59 Kommentiert…
jennifer , i am a 56 Jahr old ,married ,but i just want to say Du rock girl. i Liebe your fantastic voice and only wish mine was that great. i can not sing for the life of me. i enjoy your Filme that Du have been in , the best one is dream girls. Du shine since american idol , i have watched Du grown to an amazing woman. will Du be staring in another movie ,i hope Du do.wish Du all the best in the future and hope that one Tag Du will get in touch with me, i know that won't happen thou, for Du are busy, i live in australia. Vor mehr als einem Jahr