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Die Fanauswahl: Lip biting
Die Fanauswahl: Sam
Die Fanauswahl: sexy sunglasses :D
Die Fanauswahl: NO he was so hot I was sad when he died
NO he was so hot I was sad...
Die Fanauswahl: Both
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2 Fans Hat diese Frage beantwortet
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2 Fans Hat diese Frage beantwortet
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_JaredPadalecki sagte …
Hello! I would be willing to talk to anyone. Just private message me. gepostet vor 20 Tagen
haylsryan sagte …
Liebe him as much as the other Supernatural cast, but he looks better without the beard gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
_JaredPadalecki Kommentiert…
ouch, but thanks. I like a little facial hair. vor 20 Tagen
jaredfangirl53 sagte …
Hi, Jared, Du have no IDEA,who I am,but I am a Fan who Du have helped Mehr than Du know ! I have Bi-Polar2 Disorder,which means I get Mehr depressed than manic! Your campaigne has made me feel I'm worth something, Thank You,and I Liebe you. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr