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Die Fanauswahl: I Liebe all of 'em!!!!!! =P
Die Fanauswahl: I don't know any other Jhonen Vasquez stuff.
Die Fanauswahl: Du kiddin'? That sucker's huge!
Du kiddin&# 39;? That sucker&# 39; s...
Die Fanauswahl: I think people like Gir because they are very sweet and kind, despite their...
Die Fanauswahl: Gir
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Autumnvicky sagte …
Oni Press is selling a new Invader Zim comic! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
G-I-R sagte …
I MISS Du WHY WHY BUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Invader_Paper Kommentiert…
aw Gir. *gives Gir taco waffles* here. vor 2 Monaten
firecroll sagte …
Wow, i was serching for a Forum oder page with invader zim's info, but this is too much xD
Maybe someone can answer my question. Some days Vor i was talking about zim with a friend and we remembered a 1 ep character that appears pointing opened mouth to zim because he did something with his house oder something else extremly obvious like always and nobady realized; just him (it was not Dib). I think it was a little boy in the street. Unlickily i couldnt find it. Someone remembers this? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
firecroll Kommentiert…
No Mehr words to write XD. I tried looking for him at every ep but couldnt find it =S Vor mehr als einem Jahr
woowie Kommentiert…
It sounds vaguely familiar. I'll keep an eye out for it! o: Vor mehr als einem Jahr