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Campanulaceae has refined the ethereal and pure temperament, however, fate, however, her extremely unfair to a feeling of intense hatred and a strong Liebe die Yishi extremely tragic, but was soon calling reluctant to wake up the pain life made her original resurrection of hate, when all the truth came out, but she is link still there after the resurrection, she still has a loving and pure. Kagome is her reincarnation, but not her Avatar completely opposite character very different fate, she has extraordinary growth, daily laughter, the cast pull out of the companions, but Mehr importantly is...
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One night while Kagome was trying to sleep she kept struggling and finnaly sensed something similar to a jewel shard."I sense a jewel shard she b lurted out waking up the others,"Kagome are Du sure it's a jewel shard Du sense?(yawns)"shippo asks in exhaustion when all of a sudden he finds a girl with a huge smile standing in front of him. "Now aren't Du adorable"she squealed tightly picking up shippo."p-p-please l-let me g-go."shippo pleaded not breathing,"i'm sorry i did'nt mean to hurt Du because thats not what godesses of joyfulness do"She apologized in a baby like voice as she noded...
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