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Give Into Me

stranger in moscow

Inuyasha AMV-Light ‘Em Up (Fall Out Boy)

Inuyasha y Aome - J.Balvin - X (Equis) - Nicky marmelade

inuyasha-kikyo death theme, dearest

Inuyasha AMV-Drop In The Ocean (OMI)

InuYasha & Kagome - I Wanna Hold Your Hand (cover)

inuyasha,vente pa' ca

Sesshomaru Obtains Bakusaiga

10 Facts About Sesshomaru That Du MUST Know! (InuYasha)

A Cute Inuyasha Moment

Inuyasha and family in the malayalam song Medaponnaniyum

Kikyo - Theme - FULL

Kikyou's death theme

Inuyasha scene in Hayate

「IMS」 The glocke Is Ringing 12 Times MEP || Mitternacht

「IMS」 I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight MEP

「IMS」 Come On Baby Let Me See || Peacock MEP

[Inuyasha AMV] Not Gonna Die

Inuyasha Comatose

「IMS」 I Like The Way It Hurts || Liebe The Way Du Lie

Inuyasha x Kagome // Shattered

[ Inuyasha's Pieces ]


InuYasha & Kagome - Wish Du Were Here (Acoustic Version) Von Avril Lavigne

No ๓є without y๏ย ♥

InuYasha & Sesshoumaru: [We are the Fallen. We are the Faceless]

Inuyasha and Kagome - Listen to your herz

InuYasha & Kagome - [ Will We Ever... ] -HBD Sis...-

Inuyasha ★ Sesshoumaru [ Prince Of Egypt ]

Lithium [Inuyasha x Kagome]

† D.a.n.c.e W.i.t.h T.h.e D.e.v.i.l †

● I . n e e d . a . h e r o. t o. s a v e . m e. n o w ●

[SIS] ERASE MY SCARS } NaraKago / NaraKik

[IDS] Evanescence Megamix Part (Naraku/Kagome)

SesshyXRin Doujinshi-What is Happiness

Sesshomaru Punches InuYasha

「IMS」 Falling For Du MEP

「IDS」 See Who I Am MEP

「IMS」 Talk Dirty To Me MEP

king & lionheart // Inuyasha // sesshomaru & rin

Sesshomaru&Rin - Memories of yesterday

sesshomaru+rin | sweeter than heaven, hotter than hell

sesshomaru+rin | no one but Du [for my sessrin subs]

Sesshomaru and Rin - Everytime Du kissed me

I N . T H E . E N D » Naraku.Kikyo.Inuyasha

Kagome School Play Funny

Inuyasha meets Kagome's Friends

Ep.26. Towards Tomorrow

InuYasha The Final Act English Dub Clip

Sango and Miroku Twins

Inuyasha AMV- Because Du Live

Inuyasha AMV I Found (Amber Run)

InuYasha | crack #2

InuYasha | crack #1

head down

Inuyasha and Kagome - Open water Bless the fall

InuYasha Movie 4: feuer on the Mystic Island

Kagome~ Dancing with Tears in Her Eyes AMV

Inuyasha, Kagome- Impossible

Inuyasha Opening 1~ Change the World HD 720p

「IDS」 Reviled Arcadia MEP

everybody wants to rule the world

kikyo and inuyasha-dangerously in Liebe

InuYasha Movie 2: The schloss Beyond the Looking Glass

Inuyasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time

Who Do Du Think Du Are?(♥)

[Original FuLL Song] Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest (Inuyasha Ending

Animal Kagura has become

InuYasha & Kagome - Far Away by Nickelback

Incredibly awkward WTF InuYasha moments!

Inuyasha - What the Hell

InuYasha & Kagome - I'd Come For Du Von Nickelback {DarkLoneWolfJill 100+ subs vid}

[Inuyasha] Blown Away

According to Du

InuYasha & Kagome - Gotta Be Somebody Von Nickelback {GuardianWolfJilly 250+ Subs Vid}

Kagura's Sober (AWESOME!!!!)

Together We Can

Lovebug (Inuyasha + Kikyo) amv

Just Dance, Sango

「IDS」 Linkin P A R K megamix

InuYasha/Kikyo/Kagome - She Ain't Du

[RWS] I'm Sexy and I Know It MEP

HighSchool Never Ends

I Will Sacrifice

Inuyasha Extreme Randomness 3

Inuyasha the Movie: The schloss Beyond the Looking Glass

Inuyasha - Episode 1 - The Girl Who Overcame Time… and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome

Inuyasha - Shattered Ones - AMV

Welcome to Wonderland Inuyasha

alan / Diamond (Live)

[IKH ED 2] alan / Diamond

[Audio] alan / Diamond

Takekawa Ai / Tooi michi no saki de (Live at Japan Expo 2010)

[Audio] Takekawa Ai / Tooi michi no saki de

[IKH ED 3] Takekawa Ai / Tooi michi no saki de

[IKH ED 1] AAA / With Du

[Audio] AAA / With Du

[Audio] Do As Infinity / Kimi ga inai mirai

[IKH OP 1] Do As Infinity / Kimi ga inai mirai