"When will they be back Blossomfall?" Stormkit asked. Since their was a huge fight in the forest, all the kits were ushered into the nursery. Sandstorm was fighting so they were in Blossomfall's nest with Berrykit.

Blossomfall licked Stormkit's head. "Who knows? Fights can last awhile. And then they can be over quickly. Hurricane clan has such amazing warriors though so it might be over very soon." Blossomfall meowed, trying to cheer them up.

"Do Du miss being a warrior?" Dawnkit asked. Blossomfall nodded. "But once Berrykit is old enough, I'll go back to my duties." She sounded excited. Stormkit smiled. He had always liked Blossomfall.

"Tell us a story!" Dawnkit meowed. "Oh! Oh! Tell them the one about the dark forest war!" Berrykit meowed with bright eyes.

"Well first off, Berrykit your about to step on Brightkit." Berrykit turned around and saw she was almost on oben, nach oben of the sleep kit. "Oh. Sorry."
She took a couple paw steps forward. "Good. And Sekunde of all arn't Du kits tired?"

"Nope!" Dawnkit said. "Sandstorm already made us take a nap." Stormkit meowed. "And I'm not sleepy!" Berrykit added.

Blossomfall looked around then sagte quietly. "Did Du know their's a trick to becoming the best warrior?" All the kits shook their heads eagerly.

"Well their is. The trick is: sleep. It's sagte that the kits who sleep the most arn't as tired when their warriors. So they can train more. Fight better. And be Mehr alert. But only one kit in the whole nersuery can be the best."

All the kits eyes were as wide the a full moon.

"Really?!" Dawnkit asked excitedly. Blossomfall nodded.

Berrykit gave a little bounce. "I'll sleep the most! I'll be the best!" "No! It's going to be me!" Stormkit said.

"I think Brightkit's doing the best so far." Blossomfall sagte smiling. "No! I'll be the best!" Stormkit meowed. Then along with Berrykit and Dawnkit, Stormkit shoved his muzzle into Blossomfall's pelz and went to sleep.


"Look their back!" Brightkit meowed waking up Berrykit, Dawnkit, and Stormkit. Blossomfall nudged them all up. "Go and see the warriors!" She meowed.

Blossomfall jumped and went to see Thornclaw.

"Come on! Sandstorm's back!" Dawnkit meowed excitedly. All four kits jumped up and raced out. "Where is she?" Stormkit asked. "Over their!" Berrykit meowed.

They raced over to where Sandstorm was just walking into the clearing. She was limping and to the kits horror, was covered in blood.

"Sandstorm!" The kit's all cried and raced over. The other Katzen gasped then they saw her. "I-I'm fine." Sandstorm managed... then she feel over. "No!" Stormkit cried. He raced over and started nuzzling her face. Dawnkit and Brightkit
were right behind him. "Look out!" Jayfeather meowed shoving the kits aside. All the Katzen watched in silence as he worked.

Then Jayfeather looked up sadly. "I've done all I can. She's in the paws of starclan now."

"I'll be fine!" Then she saw the kits. "My... kits. Come here." Stormkit raced up. "Sandstorm! S-" "Stormkit I'm... just fine. I want to tell Du three something. No matter what happens to me I sware Von Starclan you'll be alright."

She looked at Brightkit. "Brightkit. Your my gentle little ball of light. You've always had such a kind and caring spirit. One Tag you'll make an amazing mother and warrior." Brightkit started to cry some Mehr and pushed into her mothers fur.

Weiter she looked at Dawnkit. "Oh Dawnkit. Du look just like me, and with your fathers deep green eyes. Your my thinker. It won't surprise me any whenever Du really are Dawnstar. You'll be striking everywhere." Dawnkit nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Then she looked at Stormkit. "My Stormkit... I named Du after the storm that happened in the dark forest. B-because no cat will ever forget it. And no cat shall ever forget you. You'll be the most amazing fighter. An excellent hunter. You'll always know how to fix things. And you'll be as quick and schnell, swift as the wind. While Du look nothing like Firestar, I've never met a cat in my life that's had the exact same spirit and mind and herz as him." That did it. Stormkit pushed his muzzle into Sandstorms pelz crying.

Sandstorm sighed and looked up at Mistystar. "For me Mistystar... please?" Mistystar had tears as well. "I shall. I sware I will."

Sandstorm looked up and purred and thick and ruff purr. "Firestar? I've missed Du so munch! Look at your kits Firestar. They'll make us proud. Look at your clan. They'll make them proud. I'm ready now Firestar."

Stormkit looked around. Where was Firestar?! Where?!

Sandstorm sighed happily then looked at her kits.

"When Du three become warriors, me and Firestar will be the first to cheer your names."

And then she went limp. Squirrlflight sobbed into Bramblestar's shoulder and Leafpool wailed. Cloudtail walked up and touched noses with Sandstorm.

Sandstorms three kits sobbed. "Sandstorm! Sandstorm no! No! Du can't leave us!" Brightkit wailed.

"We'll miss Du too munch!" Dawnkit wailed.

"Sa-Sandstorm? Pl-please? Plea-please don't g-go?" Stormkit asked sobbing.

But it was no good. Sandstorm was gone now.

Sandstorm was dead.
Let me know what Du think!


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