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posted by Spottedtail139
 Kit glaring at Bramblestar
Kit glaring at Bramblestar
As Bramblestar met the gaze of the young ginger kits they locked eyes as if they had met before. As Bramblestar and the kit looked at each other he could have sworn he was seeing a little Firestar but that was before he saw the kits eyes. They were purple. Bramblestar was shocked as he was looking deep into the memorizing eyes of the young kit.

What cat has purple eyes? They are just plain unnatural!, Bramblestar thought as he quickly looked away from the kits eyes unable to look at them any longer with a thought echoing in the back of his mind. And Scary too.

As the tabby's mouth started to...
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"Do Du know who it's going to be Blossomfall?" Brightkit asked the queen. Blossomfall shook her head. "No one expect for the leaders do." She replied. "What about the new queen? Does she know she's going to be it?" Berrykit demanded. "Of course she does Mouse-brain!" Stormkit snapped. Berrykit blinked a couple of times at her playmate then shrugged.

Dawnkit nosed Stormkit. "Are Du alright?" She asked quietly. Stormkit glared at his sister. "No! I don't want a new queen! I want Sandstorm back!" He hissed, loud enough for only Dawnkit to hear.
Dawnkit looked taken back then narrowed her eyes....
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I'll tell Du one day.

Mistystar's words echoed though the young kit's head as he looked at his mothers dead body. Stormkit still couldn't believe that Sandstorm was dead. His 2 sisters and litter mates, Dawnkit and Brightkit, were asleep. It was clan rules that after the clan sagte their good-byes the Katzen who were closest would stay up all night with the body. 

Stormkit turned his head to the left and saw Squirrlflight, Leafpool, and Cloudtail all awake. He twisted his head to the right and saw Mistystar. Only Brightkit and Dawnkit were asleep. 

Stormkit knew that the 3 warriors and his clan...
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"When will they be back Blossomfall?" Stormkit asked. Since their was a huge fight in the forest, all the kits were ushered into the nursery. Sandstorm was fighting so they were in Blossomfall's nest with Berrykit.

Blossomfall licked Stormkit's head. "Who knows? Fights can last awhile. And then they can be over quickly. Hurricane clan has such amazing warriors though so it might be over very soon." Blossomfall meowed, trying to cheer them up.

"Do Du miss being a warrior?" Dawnkit asked. Blossomfall nodded. "But once Berrykit is old enough, I'll go back to my duties." She sounded excited. Stormkit...
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posted by KatieK102
Hello again! If Du read about the[Hurricane Clan Contest and Du want to Mitmachen for the chance of winning some props, then Mitmachen here! Simply fill out the form below and I'll place Du in what contest(s) Du wish to take place in.

Also, please note: I DO have secret judges helping me decide winners! They'll be checking this form as well. :) So, post your app, and get started on the contest! Hurry before the dead line ends!


Entries for: Drawing

(You CAN do Mehr then one! But no Mehr then 3!)





[b][i]Entries for: Best Backstory

(You CAN do Mehr then one! But no Mehr then 3!)





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 Kit and the blume
Kit and the flower
It was a frosty Tag in the vast snowy forest of an unknown territory where the river where always Frozen over and ice layering the giant evergreen trees. One family of Katzen where the only thing in the blizzard, a black she cat eyes amber eyes, a huge Tom with silver pelz and white eyes, and three kits. The two of the kits were as normal as could be their names where Lilly and Dusk both black with white eyes but the third one was a mystery. He had no name he was called kit Von his family. He was ginger and had purple eyes with swirls on his coat, his quietness always made him special, his need...
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"I win!" Stormkit meowed with triumph as he stood over his sister, Dawnkit. Dawnkit growled. "Get off of me Du badger!" Stormkit growled back, now sitting on her. "No!" "Sandstorm! Sandstorm Stormkit won't get off of me!" Sandstorm looked up from licking their other sister Brightkit.

"Stormkit. Get off your sister!" Sandstorm meowed sternly but fondly. "But she called me a badger!" Stormkit protested. Sandstorm looked sternly at Dawnkit. "Dawnkit say your sorry." "But I don't wanna-" She was cut off Von Stormkit sitting harder on her. "Sorry! Sorry!" Dawnkit meowed. "Good. Now Stormkit get...
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posted by kittehluva
It was early in the morning when tigerin had her kits. She was a rogue, along with her mate, Runner. Runner and tigerin were moving from place to place constantly, living off of whatever Essen they could find. But, when it became time for tigerin to have her kits, Runner decided they needed a better life. They needed to have a Home for a family of kits.

The kits came in leaf-fall, with the dreaded leaf-bare fast approaching. They were named Moss, Vine, Rain, and Ice, after the first things tigerin saw after they were born. From the start, Runner and tigerin could tell their little she-cat Ice...
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posted by KatieK102
I have discovered a new clan... a clan whom call themselves Cloudclan ~ Mistystar

Cloudclan was started Von some rouges, tribe cats, and a few Katzen from Breezingclan and Hurricane Clan. At first it was believed that the Lost warriors had become kittypets. Intill Mistystar went on her mission and found that they had formed a clan right under their noses! Cloudclan's leader, Hawkstar, a former member of Breezingclan, had told Mistystar and Onestar that they were planning to stay were they were and might as well be considered another clan.

Hurricane Clan now has 2 rivals and must stay sharp. With Brezzingclan growing stronger and Cloudclan becomming known, Hurricane Clan must stay sharp.
Sandstorm was dead. Stormkit couldn't believe it. His mother was dead. No! She couldn't be dead. She was alive just that morning making him get off of Dawnkit and making them take naps. No. She just couldn't be dead.

Dawnkit and Brightkit were still sobbing. Stormkit went over and nudged them both. "Sandstorm isn't dead. She's just sleeping. Jayfeather made her better."

The other Katzen were still crying and wailing. Why? Stormkit thought. She's only
Dawnkit looked up quivering. "No Stormkit. She's dead!" Jayfeather walked up and meowed sadly "Your sister's right Stormkit. I'm sorry but...
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Hey guys! So, since this is a growing club, I thought maybe if we gepostet Mehr about our cats, and made Mehr Umfrage and such, it would grow faster. So I'm having a contest for several things.

First contest: Drawing.

I know that a lot of people Liebe to draw their cats. And a lot of people are good at it. So here's this contest. Pick one of your OC (or another members, if Du get their permission) and draw them the best Du can. I will judge the winner (I might have some secret judges to help me out) and the 1# place winner receives:

1# 5 props!

2# 3 props

3# 1 Requisiten

If only one person joins this contest...
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posted by KatieK102
1# Defend your Clan, even with your life. Du may have friendships with Katzen from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one Tag Du may meet them in battle.

2# Do not hunt oder trespass on another Clan's territory.

3# Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior oder apprentice is sick oder injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.

4# Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

5# A kit must be...
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posted by KatieK102
In the Bücher the forest was ruled Von 4 amazing clans. Thunder Clan, River Clan, Wind Clan, and Shadow Clan. All the clans were respected for what they did best.

Thunder Clan

One of my 2 Favorit clans. Thunder Clan was best known for it's: Hunting and Fighting.

Wind Clan

Wind Clan was best know for their: Speed and Agility

Shadow Clan

Shadow Clan was best known for: Being able to hunt and fight the best at night.

River Clan

My other Favorit clan! River Clan was best known for: Being able to swim strongly.

See? They all had what they were best at and well respected for. And though the clans were strong,...
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So, like every role play (RP) their ARE rules that have to be followed. If Du dis-obey these rules you'll get a message from me oder another, telling Du what your doing wrong. After 1 oder 2 of these you'll be asked to leave the club intill Du are able to follow these rules.

1# If Du Mitmachen this club I would appercite it if Du really used it.

2# Can we not argue over stupid things?

3# Fill free to write in any format Du want. (1st person, 2ed person, etc)

4# Don't make your cat an ace at everything... wheres the fun in that?

5# Don't start un-nessery fights with other members unless Du are rping.

6# Have fun!

These are all for now :)