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Ill give Serena the credit for being one of the most kind and good-hearted characters in gossip girl. She doesnt judge anyone oder put herself in front of others. But i cant help but notice how incredibly annoying she is. Not all the time obviously but 90% of the time. She constantly makes the dumbest decisions and never makes any sense when she speaks. Shes always confused and thinks shes the cutest thing in the world. Like seriously, im trying to re watch gossip girl from the beginning to catch up and im on the Sekunde season and i cant stand any scenes with Serena anymore. And Dan is just as annoying. Everytime some new kind of drama happens that she has to fix oder hide, her methods for going about it are always the same pointless idiotic solutions. And how she just lets Blair walk all over her and take over her life just proves my point even more. Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen..most annoying girl on the Upper East Side.
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Hey to everyone Lesen this, try to do some of these thing...it is what me and all my Friends do to get all of our teachers mad its funny, but we are in junior high so elematry might not want to do this but read on

1.ask to go to the bathroom, if your teacher says no reply back loudly " come on, Du have to let me go... i have to change my tampon.!"
2.Chew alot of gum everyday
3.if Du get a new student scream "stranger Danger" then run away.
4.Take out a mirror and do your makeup in class
5. if your a guy say " excuse me teacher ther is a hot girl in this class that gave me a boner, please tell her to stop Wird angezeigt me her boobies."
“Nate? Hey!”

His head lifts at her greeting.

“Hey,” he returns quietly and then looks away again.

Serena looks around; they’re in an empty vestibule at the prom venue, several rooms away from the action; the sound of Musik and laughter dim even though the door is open. She’s looking for Dan, needs to tell him she’s going Home with Blair.

“You having a chat with Bevy the Rabbit oder something?” She teases, getting closer and tapping his shoulder with one palm as she waves the other around the room, “Room’s empty…”

Nate shoots her a sidelong look, “There’s a rule about...
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