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Game of Thrones' critic's notes: Why the Walk of Shame feels like such a misstep


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Because god forbid they showcase the one time female violence occurs on the books (AND IT'S WRITTEN IN A WAY THAT IS SEEN AS BEING WRONG). I'm guessing these people just don't want female characters hurt, ever, cause "triggering" or something. The scene was well done and i don't see how it was meant to be seen in a funny light, they showcased it for what it was, too much.

And I do think the show has a problem with overusing sexual violence, but the one that is loyal to the book, and works in context? (they're not glamorizing the act nor sexualizing Cersei).

Also, have we watched the same episode? "All the villains got clean off-screen deaths" - Myranda and Meryn Trant would disagree with you there.
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