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Die Fanauswahl: No way!
No way!
Die Fanauswahl: 3
Die Fanauswahl: Absolutely Liebe both of them
Die Fanauswahl: No, you're crazy! What are Du smoking?
Die Fanauswahl: No its Ugly
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Niemand hat diese Frage bisher beantwortet
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JENANisma sagte …
And Now I'm Talking About My Frnds They Also LOve u very Much. Expecially My BestFrnds They are lot to me. Hiba, Arunima, Roashna, Isha, & Nihala. Hiba's cousin have ur blue dress. I wish we could see u. And u could see all the messages from ur Fans to u. I 'll always pray. One Tag I could see u. Please come to see us. Oh I forgotten. I'm from ASIA-INDIA-SOUTH-KERAL-MALAPURAM-TIRUR. I'm a 14 yrs old girl. I'm have not a really matured character. And I'm Nisma
Thank u . have nice Tag gepostet vor 6 Monaten
JENANisma sagte …
I am a big Fan of Elsa. Not only Von your power But also Von ur great confidence u had the confidence to conceal and control the power Von yourself. I'm a best Fan of u and i Liebe u Mehr than any princess and I believe in u I believe that u exists and I believe that u will always be there 4 every single Fan of ur's. u r the best elder sis in the world anyone could have. I have many of ur product but i don't have u. Thanks to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee for Bringing such a great movie.
Thank u. gepostet vor 6 Monaten
big smile
PrueFever sagte …
Is your Favorit Disney Movie Frozen? Then vote for it here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote in my poll, so if Du haven't already, please cast your vote :3 gepostet vor 6 Monaten