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Die Fanauswahl: Mehr than three times.
Mehr than three times.
Die Fanauswahl: Cringed didn't cry
I wanted to jump into the tv...
Die Fanauswahl: Danielle
Die Fanauswahl: No not yet
No not yet
Yes, I&# 39; ve seen them all
Die Fanauswahl: Yes, wish he were my Henry.
Yes, wish he were my Henry.
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FlightofFantasy sagte …
I just rewatched this for the first time in years! I hadn't watched it since my dad died; it was one of me and my sisters and my dad's Favorit Filme when I was a kid, and it felt weird watching it without him, but it's such a beautiful movie and I Liebe it so much. I did cry after watching it 'cause it made me miss my dad, but I just try to think of how much fun we all had watching it, and how much we loved it and all the lines we used to quote.
Liebe Du and miss you, Dad! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
yelloweverafter sagte …
i have watched this film 5 times in the past three weeks bring on number 6! Xx gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
daniellehenry sagte …
"just breathe" . - danielle gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr