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Emily Prentiss | who got the power?

schloss | Emily Prentiss

Emily Prentiss & Aaron Hotchner || i found Liebe ~au

Hotch/Prentiss - got poison on my mind

Criminal Minds | Hotch & Prentiss | ~Ace Of Hearts

Criminal Minds || Emily Prentiss "Crazy in Love"

Hotch & Emily - Like A River // Criminal Minds

Hotch & Emily - Someone Like Du // Criminal Minds

Hotch & Emily - Mirror // Criminal Minds

Emily Prentiss & Aaron Hotchner | Du

Emily Prentiss & Aaron Hotchner | Scars

6x18 - Voicemail from Garcia

Paget Brewster Bloopers - Criminal Minds

Emily Prentiss - Time Of Your Life

Emily Prentiss // I Need A Hero

Emily Prentiss // RUN THIS TOWN

Emily Prentiss // BAU // I Remember Everything

Emily Prentiss & Ian Doyle - I Will Always Liebe Du

Emily Prentiss | Girl On feuer

Emily Prentiss | Fighter

The Prentiss Fallout

Tribute To Emily Prentiss

She Is Liebe - Morgan&Prentiss

Emily Prentiss - Once Upon A December

CM Emily Prentiss || Feeling So Faithless

Emily Prentiss // Angel – Jäger der Finsternis With A Shotgun

Emily Prentiss & The Team - Everybody's Changing

Emily Prentiss/Ian Doyle | Run This Town

morgan & Prentiss: Invincible Partners (S6)

morgan & Prentiss; Why Do I Run Away

morgan & Prentiss: Liebhaber & Fighters

morgan & Prentiss: Without Du

Emily Prentiss; Losing My Mind

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss "Guess who's back?"

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss "24"

Emily Prentiss - Out of the Clouds [Criminal Minds]

Emily Prentiss -- If Today Was Your Last Tag {tribute collab}

Criminal Minds 6x18 Lauren - Emily and Doyle #2

Criminal Minds 6x18 Lauren - Emily and Doyle #1

Criminal Minds - 6x18 - Lauren (Extended Promo)

Criminal Minds - A Personal Motive

Criminal Minds Valhalla 6x17 Promo #2

Emily Prentiss - Diem Ex Dei ((Criminal Minds))

{{Emily Prentiss}} Night of the Hunter....It'll All Just End

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss "Impossible"

Corazon Promotional Fotos 6x12

Criminal Minds Promo for What Happens at Home

Criminal Minds Into the Woods Promo

Criminal Minds Episode 6x08 Reflection of Desire Sneak Peek Spoiler TV

Prentiss Undercover in 6x04 Compromising Positions

Criminal Minds 6x06 Devil's Night clip with Prentiss and Reid

Criminal Minds Promo - Episode 6.04 - Compromising Positions

Criminal Minds Season 5- Special Feature "Material Witness" Part 1 of 2

Criminal Minds || Emily Prentiss **Stand In The Rain**

Paget Brewster / Emily Prentiss **She's Got Me Dancing**


Emily Prentiss- I Decide

Criminal Minds // Garcia, Prentiss, JJ & Elle // Save The Hero

Hotch & Prentiss: With oder without Du

Criminal Minds :Mrs Prentiss, Really

Criminal Minds - Emily Prentiss - Never Say Never

Criminal Minds 5x21 Emily Should Call Him

Hotch & Prentiss: 9 Crimes

Criminal Minds - Emily & Reid - "I never lose"- 5x20

Criminal Minds - morgan & Emily & Reid- 5x20

Hotch/Prentiss - Iris [Criminal Minds]

Emily & Hotch -Broken- Lifehouse

Criminal Minds - "If Von 'IT' Du Mean My Entire Body..."

Prentiss & Reid || Only One

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss, Time for some action

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss/ David Rossi

Criminal Minds 5x19 Smell Weakness and Blown Eardrum

Mick and Emily - Don't Talk

Hotch and Prentiss: Beautiful

Criminal Minds - Rossi & Prentiss - Hopelessly

All These Things That I've Done - An Emily Prentiss/Criminal Minds Fan Video

secret agent man

Criminal Minds 3X08 Lucky-Woman tells a man about her feelings

Emily is Hot Too

Paget is Hot One

we're going down :: MICK/EMILY

Criminal Minds - Foot Race On the Streets of San Fran

Criminal Minds - 5x18 Emily and Mick

Criminal Minds - 5x02 Emily and Hotch

Criminal Minds 5x01 Emily and Hotch

Hotch/Prentiss The Hardest Thing

Criminal minds - Emily interviewing Danny

Prentiss & Hotch, Sekunde Chance

Criminal Minds : Emily Prentiss's Zitate

Prentiss, broken

Hotch/Prentiss: Squeezing the Subtext, 4x17, 'Demonology'

Hotch & Prentiss: It's only Liebe

Aaron & Emily- Here Without Du

Hotch & Prentiss - Independent Liebe Song

Hotch/Emily/Viper - According to Du

Hotch and Prentiss... Naturally (finished)


Hotch and Emily -- I Dare Du

Unusual Du

Hotch and Emily- If Not Du