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Article by lunajrv posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Article by LeMoura posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Some of Ed's words about Musik in his life;

-''I've always connected with music. Life is not always what u see , it's what is going on in your head. Musicis what comes out from your subconcious.''

-''Music is my release''

-''I am a showman....I wouldn't say I'm a rockstar.....all right, in my dream world I am ''

-''My brother and I had a band (Fangs of Fury)for about five minutes(when he was 6),I just sat and watchedhim . So we were a two-man-band with one man doing something.''

-''I am a louge guy. I Liebe playng in the pool.I Liebe finding someplace where it's quiet enough that u can control the jukebox and get on with your life.''

-''Music get inside u,music capture u. Musik becomes your heartbeat .It's a drug and makes u feel whatever is the Musik about.''

*Add fact: he has a tattoo 'Heartbreak Hotel' an Elvis Presley hit in his chest
Article by Rodayna posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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datum of Birth
27 June 1987, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Birth Name
Edward Westwick

5' 9½" (1.77 m)


He is the lead singer of the band The Filthy Youth.

His father lectures in business studies and his mother is an educational psychologist.

Has two older brothers.

Dream Job: Landscape Gardening

Favorit Filme :The Dark Knight and The Godfather: Part II and American Psycho which frequently watches it with his "Gossip Girl" co-star Chace Crawford.

He was romantically involved with his "Gossip Girl" co-star Jessica Szohr [December 2008 - April 2010].

His best friend is English actor Rafi Gavron. They met on the set of their movie Breaking and Entering.

Personal Quotes:

My brother Will was Mehr of a devil. Though I was easily led astray.

I've always connected with music. Life's not always what Du see; it's what going on in your head. Musik is what comes out of your subconscious.
Opinion by underthestarsx posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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"The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, Fucking hell, this girl's gorgeous. And she was incredibly sweet." He chortles. "Now we tell each other to fuck off whenever we want to." Both Blair and Chuck are fond of impractical accessories — especially removing them. "There's always something great to undo oder pull on oder tug on, so it's always like, what can I do to make this Mehr fun?" Westwick says, laughing. "We've been fake shagging for a Jahr and a half now."

It doesn’t hurt that Leighton is blessed with the metabolism of an overworked 23-year-old. One memorable paparazzi picture involves her shooting on a freezing New York street, inhaling a large sandwich. “Ha!” she laughs. “It’s normally the only thing I have to eat on set.” Westwick says, “She can handle these big, gigantic sandwiches, and she’s got the most tiny little gorgeous figure. I don’t know, man, it certainly doesn’t work for me.”


Awwwwwwe E/L ftw:)
Opinion by G3G6 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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1. Because he is British.
2. Because he has two accents, which are both extremely sexy.
3. Because he can pull off rosa and purple.
4. Because he is Ed Westwick.
5. Because he has charisma.
6. Because he is packin;)
7. Because of the way he looks at Leighton.
8. Because he ships Chair.
9. Because he gets us so hot we need a cold shower.
10. Because the neck is his weakness.


11. Because C would leave her husband for him.
12. Because he can pull off the scruff on his face.
13. Because he can pull off a hairy chest.
14. Because he is nice to fans.
15. Because he is the hottest guy on Gossip Girl.
16. Because he is an amazing actor.
17. Because he is just plain sexy.
18. Because he makes me want to get in my car and drive to NYC to jump his bones;)
19. Because he has the most seductive brown eyes.
20. Because he has the most adorable smile.
Article by emma_728 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ed on set of the Teen Vogue shoot!
This is an interview with Ed gegeben Von Teen Vogue!


As tempting as it might be to mistake Mr. Edward Westwick for a real-life version of his on-screen alter ego—almost everyone knows he plays Gossip Girl's always-entertaining Chuck Bass—the actor (who simply goes Von "Ed") is quick to insist that any similarities between them are purely superficial. "We look the same," he says, "but that's about it, darling."

Well, that's not quite it. While we'll happily concede that the actor is likely not driven Von the same "inner emptiness" and all-consuming "desire for revenge" that he ascribes to his recently orphaned character, Ed does share some of Chuck's sunnier qualities—for example, that charmingly louche affect. And just as C's every assignation is faithfully tracked Von the show's titular know-it-all narrator, Ed's own rumored make-out sessions (with Drew Barrymore and, lately, costar Jessica Szohr) serve as fodder for numerous gossip Web sites and weekly tabloids. He's cagey, of course, when it comes to specifics but says that his insgesamt outlook on romance represents yet another big difference between Chuck and him: "I'm all for...
Article by mcttoveh posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Well. As Du may figured, I have a celeb-crush. On who? That's a silly question. Ed is the type of guy that doesen't just, pass Du Von like that. He's so much more. The rich badboy during the day, the filthy leadsinger of an underground band during the night. And why is it that we are attracted to him? He hasen't got the traditional good looks, like his bromance Chase Crawford, oder the dreambody, oder hundreds of billions of dollars, but what he has, is extra-ordinary. So, gratulations Ed, you've got tons of girls falling for you, and I'm one of them.