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Hey Guyz

My Fav Villain of all dragonball Z universe is none other than Broly....i was sad when gohan,goku and goten destroyed broly in broly movie 2.
i thought i will never see him again,,.........and what a surprise he is back to dominate the world again........
the new upcoming movie u we can see a totally different and epic version of broly check this out gepostet vor 24 Tagen
link vor 24 Tagen
im sooooo excited what about u........???? vor 24 Tagen
RTS2000 Kommentiert…
Broly looks awesome, totally looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to the new film vor 18 Tagen
Nariko sagte …
Hello DBZ Fans of Fanpop!!!!

Is Dragon Ball Super worth watching? gepostet vor 28 Tagen
RTS2000 Kommentiert…
I think it's really good, it depends on your decision though vor 18 Tagen
In May 2018, a promotional Anime for Dragon Ball Heroes was announced. It will adapt from the Universe Survival and Prison Planet arcs. Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese trading arcade card game based on the Dragon Ball franchise.
now the made a short episode if any one interest they can watch that special episode here

link gepostet vor einem Monat
RTS2000 Kommentiert…
awesome vor einem Monat