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I Liebe DANCING,BUT NOT IN front of people do u? oh well, if u want to share a story here and ill listen to u and send a message to u on fanpop.i could also listen to u if u go to my prof i am called dumy and u will also have to send me a pic and also be a Fan of me to listen to u.and it is also ALMOST X-MAS.lets also talk about x-mas.who belives in santa at this time,i do and who cares,i dont care wut people say about that oder think about that.DANCING,DANCING,DANCING,DANCING I Liebe DANCING WHO LOVES DANCING I DO,I DO,I I DO.SORRY i got a little off topic soo....... u know the magic of dancing is well is......love.who has a crush,well ever 1has a crush.i am going to do a Quiz for u here:if u had a celeb crush who would it be:rob,taylor l.,or idk who ever u like oder who ever i like ok.