Daesung Big Bang / D-Lite (Kang Daesung) profile:

Birth name: Kang Dae-sung
Nickname: D-Lite
Born: April 26, 1989 Incheon, South Korea
Origin: Itaewon, South Korea
Occupations: singer, MC, actor, model
Years active: 2006-present
Labels: YG Entertainment
Associated acts: Big Bang

Daesung / D-Lite (Kang Daesung) Big Bang facts:

His real name Kang Dae Sung
Call beloved is Smiling Angel
Born on April 26, 1889.
Always exercise / have their own personal trainer.
Realizing that Daesung wants to be a singer after listening to Stevie Wonder.
His Favorit style is ‘DS style’ (his style)
Dress size is Medium (M).
Daesung Daesung did not Bewegen when sleeping.
Daesung Daesung think that looks good when it gives other people happiness. Especially, when the successful and Daesung funny jokes on the show.
Daesung sagte he wanted to learn from the G-Dragon leader, how to lead so many people.
His valuable asset is the color, mp3 player, and chapstick in my pocket.
First kiss, “in the ninth grade at a cafe with my girlfriend. Since we both like each other. It was a light kiss.
Registered on Daesung Kim Bum Soo’s Fan cafe and Kim Jung Ah’s under the alias ‘I Want Jung Ah’.
His mother as # 1 on speed dial.
Do not like to hear when people say Daesung Daesung gained weight while trying hard to diet.
Daesung take as T.O.P a datum when Daesung was a girl.
In the past Daesung has dreamed of becoming a baseball player, a priest, and an MC.
His first Liebe was unrequited love.
His nickname in school was Kim Jong Gook.
Daesung most confident with his eyes.
When at Home alone, Daesung were clean and organize the house.
Relieve stress Von laughing / smiling.
The only time Daesung was not able to smile after Daesung down from the stage – every time Daesung made a mistake on stage, Daesung was disappointed and responsible.
One of his Favorit songs is Mario – How Could you.
Daesung wants Fans to stop doing: touch them / hold them.
Daesung to someday duet with Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park).
Daesung proud of himself when Daesung was able to make a person moved Von the music.
Daesung nicknamed “Geh Chun Daesung” – it means: Daesung is a genius at jokes (saying funny things). It was not created because Daesung is really GOOD at jokes .. because Daesung made a joke about it before.
Want to do Essen and phone CF.
His Favorit artists include Usher, RL, Wheesung
The song is always sung at Karaoke is With Me [Wheesung]
If Daesung getting on a girl in a group of fans, Daesung will be making plans to contact him.
Daesung did not know how to swim. [Daum Telzone Interview].
Daesung is a member of the three members of Big Bang. When the trainers & reps were asked what they wanted members of the group, they chose unanimously ALL Daesung.
Daesung to continue his dream of becoming a singer, even against the wishes of the family.
During the first Jahr Daesung got 85 points, which is the best in high school. In the 8th grade game so obsessed with Daesung Daesung almost did not study, and score down to 62 points.
A gift from a Fan who touched Daesung is full journal article. At the blunt end of a pencil was stuck to the back. This is an entirely new pencil when they first start the journal but after using it, it was to be short and boring.
Daesung Fans praised his personality and amazing vocals sung dae to make a lot of sites that are dedicated to him.
During the auditions, Dae Sung was called “Unpretty Boy”, but later on the staff team confirmed that Daesung is actually the most beliebt member in Big Bang.
Daesung has an obsession and can not live without “Doraemon”, a Japanese cartoon.
Daesung had a car accident on the way back from location filming Family Outing in 2009.
According to Taeyang, Daesung was full of secrets, even while staying with Taeyang Daesung to have never seen a toilet.
Daesung to be dubber in the 3D animated film “Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage”

Featured & Collaboration singles
Korea :

2007: “Now We” (Nemo Ft. Daesung)
2008: “Family Day” (with Family Outing cast)
2010: “How Did We Get” (Lee Hyori Ft. Daesung)


2011: What’s Up

Variety shows (Hosting)

2008-2009: Show! Musik Core
2008-2010: Family Outing Season 1
2010-2011: Night After Night


2008: Katzen (Korean version)


2010: Sammy’s Adventure: The Secret Passage (Korean version subbing)