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Die Fanauswahl: Blue schmetterling
Die Fanauswahl: 2
Die Fanauswahl: 1
Die Fanauswahl: Nina♥♥
Die Fanauswahl: #2
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JosepineJackson sagte …
Joined <3 gepostet vor 5 Tagen
cynti19 sagte …
Btw, for Weiter of my new look (which is... *spoiler alert* winter theme and possible to start on November) might be cancelled due to my real life oder personal busy stuffs. But I decide to come back here around on December (*spoiler alert* aka my birthmonth), but I'm not really sure yet. gepostet vor 5 Tagen
yorkshire_rose Kommentiert…
Aww,hope Du come back soon,Cynti.I will look vorwärts-, nach vorn to your new Winter look,LY <3 vor 4 Tagen
cynti19 sagte …
Liebe the new look of my spot, thanks to anyone who participates this. We gonna have another new look again Von November, but it's currently secret as of now. gepostet vor 19 Tagen
Lavendergolden Kommentiert…
Aww, we are glad we could do something for you! It seems, that, my Icon was selected. I am happy Du Liebe it. And Heather's banner is also lovely vor 19 Tagen
cynti19 Kommentiert…
I didn't know if was yours, I thought is... Berni's icon. vor 19 Tagen
cherl12345 Kommentiert…
Nice vor 14 Tagen