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Die Fanauswahl: Straight (Just now upload)
Die Fanauswahl: Cool
Die Fanauswahl: Bob
Die Fanauswahl: Anna and the King
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alteam sagte …
Hello,my name is Alex....i met Du around 2003...over my uncles...Jeff osteen place....on buttercup street,in jacksonville,florida where your Friends live across the street..i have a twin brother...i did a kung fu demo for you....i kicked sand in your eyes Von accident....then we went somewhere where there was no sand and i did another demo for you...anyways i would like to talk to Du again...EMAIL me at oder Facebook me at Alexander Lundborg....hope to hear from you.....Alex. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
El-Asia Kommentiert…
Hello Allex, did Du get feed back? I am Elvira, Russian teacher in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
El-Asia Kommentiert…
Dear Mr Chow Yun Fat, if Du can read my message, please, write me back to my e-mail: I am Russian teacher who is working and living in China. I Liebe the movie "Anna and the King" !!! I bet Du know why. I was trying to contact your Fan club in HK but for some reason my letter was returned. I would be ver happy to get your Foto with autugraph.Thank Du so much!!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr