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Die Fanauswahl: winning
Die Fanauswahl: MinSul *o*
Die Fanauswahl: right
Die Fanauswahl: Taemin
Die Fanauswahl: choi min ho
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MINPREET sagte …
MIN HO OPPA SARANGHAEYO.i am eagerly waiting for Du to come to india. PLZZ COME AGAIN fultter my heary every Sekunde with Du cute smile.MY DREAM IS ONLY TO MEET Du OPPA.OPPA PLZ VISIT INDIA WITH YOUR WHOLE Shinee MEMBERS AGAIN.MISS U OPPA..SARANGHAEYO. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Minhofan sagte …
I am a very big Fan of yours. Thank Du for entertaining us with your voice and acting. My herz flutters whenever I see your smile. Du have s sweet voice and charming face. I Liebe your every drama, but u were the cutest in Hwarang. I Liebe your Playboy nature out there. Sanranghaeyo oppa. Lots of Liebe from India. My dream is to see Du some day. I hope Du see my Kommentar and reply me soon. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
jannacute sagte …
does minho really see this? Kommentar please i want to knoe^^ gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr