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Hi , otaku Friends . i will wrote an Artikel about figure informations .

need to ask ? got a Frage ? want to know where is the highly recomended figure online oder web stores ? worried your figma is a bootleg ? then this is the right Artikel for Du to read !

About figures , there are thousands of Anime figures
Somewhere out there waiting for otaku's (by i mean otaku's i mean Du yes im talking to YOU)to buy them . there is some type of figures . so i will tell Du about some of them !

The best figure Du can have , but Du have to be becareful if Du buy afigma from eBay oder some other...
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posted by GVentola
Du may wonder why I seldom give bad reviews. Well, if an Anime is really bad oder unlikeable, I usually don’t finish watching it, therefore it cannot be considered to be one of “my” Anime series!

Anohana-The blume We Saw That Day—Six childhood Friends have grown apart since one of them met an untimely death. But now that girl, Menma, is back, appearing only to Jintan in a physical form. She eats, she sleeps, she picks up things.
    Jintan was the leader of two other boys and three girls going Von the name of Super Peace Busters. Besides Menma, the girls in the group...
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A lot of people have been asking me lately why I don't like Yuno--namely the people who know that I usually Liebe the crazy characters. I've probably been asked about five times now so I decided to make an Artikel on it. I'm not making this Artikel just to be hateful (which is partially why I added the why I like Uryuu bit) I simply wanted to answer the whys. So if Du know (lol) Du don't want to see Yuno hate this probably isn't the Artikel for you. Also, this Artikel will contain spoilers.

It's true, I usually do like crazy characters, but she's a different kind of crazy than the kind I usually...
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 Summertime Record (aka how I think the characters will look like in the Anime
Summertime Record (aka how I think the characters will look like in the anime
Here we go. :D

Also, since this is the Anime fanclub, some of Du may not know what this is. There's a wiki for it. No worries. :)

~Rumors that might be true (Idk for sure)
So I read on a reblogging site that Mekaku City Actors will be only 13 episodes. Really. The Manga doesn't seem to be even halfway done with it's plot, and it's at chapter 20. They should make 2 oder 3 seasons, because if they end it with a "read the manga" ending, I'm going to get really annoyed. :/

Also, the site says that Jin is making new songs for the OP and ED. Personally, I have no problems with this. I Liebe most...
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Fairy Tail
erza scarlet
One Mehr of Nichijou's ending themes. This one is acapella!
end theme
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