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Janicepika sagte …
I Liebe Anime ever so very much and my absolute Favorit Zeigen is Absolute Duo. What is your Favorit anime, people? Also message me if Du want to see my absolute duo drawing of Julie Sigtuna and other Anime drawings. Any Anime artist out there? Let's share our art work, Anime fans.(: gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
neji_lover sagte …
Hello fans! As Du all know, The World Ends With Du is a game created Von Square Enix, so I created fanpages for the characters, so if youd like, Du can Mitmachen them!
Joshua = link
Beat = link
Shiki = link
Neku = link
Rhyme = link gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
GintokiSakata sagte …
ughhhhhh WOW gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr