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_nephfinesse sagte …
I have a crazy idea I'd Liebe to come true if your a Fan of Roanoke, road trip down to the real house and get some pictures. Would Liebe to gather a group of people!!! gepostet vor 9 Monaten
legend_of_roxas sagte …
Liebe this show. It's one of the best shows out there! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fansfunsz sagte …
i like Liebe it(yo amo y adoro esta serie)now i am watching the 2nd series(finally)in past i should buy the saga asylyum(more cool that the 1rst)yo heu, hay visto la 2 temporada(yo en pasado deberia tener en dvd la saga asylyum)i think that the freak Zeigen part is very scary(yo pienso creo que el part freak show(4)es muy pauroso(and the hotel part)? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr