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Navy CIS Abby Rules

Pauley Perrette - Attention Please

Navy CIS - Abby: No Sleep Tonight

Navy CIS -- Too Lost in Du (Gibbs & Abby)

Gibbs Threatens Abby With a Spanking

Navy CIS - Abby and Gibbs - Daddy´s little girl

Navy CIS : A-Game

NCIS- Abby's Short Skirt.

Navy CIS - Gabby - Gibbs is Abby's Hero

Gabby ~ She will be loved

Gabby ~ You'll be In my herz

Gibbs Abby moments (end of season 7)

Best Gabby Scenes (Season 8)

Gibbs/Abby - Would Du look at Du daughter like that?

Gibbs/Abby - Would Du talk about your father like that?

Abby's farting Hippo (Abby and DiNozzo)

Navy CIS Abby Don't look my rock

Navy CIS -- All for Du -- Gabby

Abby Scuito

Navy CIS Abby/Kate/Ziva - Only A Girl

Abby Sciuto

Somewhere I Belong [Abby Sciuto]

NCIS- Abby as Marilyn Monroe

NCIS-Abby Sciuto (girlfriend)

Pauley Perrette/Abby Sciuto

Abby - girl revolutions

Abby Sciuto: Do It Like A Dude

Abby McGee- I Want To Hold Your Hand

Abby Sciuto - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Abby Sciuto

NCIS: Inside Navy CIS Ep 1: Abby's Lab - Musik and Mayhem

Abby Sciuto -- I Think I'm Paranoid

Abby Sciuto : Season 3-I Gotta Feeling

Abby Sciuto

Navy CIS - Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette)

Navy CIS abby moments

Navy CIS Abby/McGee - I Got Du

Navy CIS - Abigail (Abby) Sciuto

Abby Sciuto

Abby Sciuto

Navy CIS - Abby Sciuto - Rush

I know exactly what I want, who I want to be..(Abby)

Abby Sciuto || Nobody's Gonna Feel Your Pain || 10x13 ||

abby sciuto || stardust |10x13|

Navy CIS - Abby Sciuto

Does Anybody Hear Her? (Abby, NCIS)

abby scuito video

Navy CIS [7x01 Truth oder Consequences] Abby and McGee Singen

Evil Genius ~ Abby Sciuto || Timothy McGee [NCIS]

Navy CIS || Abby Sciuto || Voodoo Child

cuteness = ^ . ^ =

Navy CIS Abby - American Idiot

Navy CIS Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) - Coz I Can

Imagine No Malaria- Pauley Perrette

pictures of Pauley Perrette as Abby

Pauley Perrette/Abby Sciuto - Musik again

A Tribute to Abby Sciuto :)

Abby Scuito - That Girl's A Genius

(abby sciuto) that girl's a genius

Navy CIS - Abby Sciuto - Disturbia

Navy CIS - Miss Independent

Abby Remains Calm

Navy CIS Abby Who we are

abby dressed up for school

abby Halloween

NCIS-All about Abby


Pauley Perrette aka Abby sciuto

Can't get me down

Navy CIS Abby Sciuto - Who We Are

Navy CIS - Abby Sciuto, Pauley Perrette

Navy CIS Abby hug vid

Navy CIS -- Abby and Ziva's First Time

Abby Scenes

Abby Scenes