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MTahmisian sagte …
Happy Birthday Kim Raver and Joaquim De Almeida! gepostet vor einem Monat
MTahmisian sagte …
Happy Birthday Penny Johnson Jerald! Du played one of the best characters in 24, sherry Palmer and my friend is exceedingly happy to know she shares a birthday with you.

Happy Birthday to Tamara Tunie and James Frain as well. Du both did a great job in 24.

Thanks to Wiki 24 to alerting me of the dates of important events in the world of 24, Du are really invaluable! gepostet vor einem Monat
MTahmisian sagte …
Today, in 2003 my Favorit episode of 24 aired for the first time. Liebe 2x15! gepostet vor einem Monat
jlhfan624 Kommentiert…
Best episode ever! vor einem Monat