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Die Fanauswahl: She was amazing and a perfect addition to 24! Computer and sarcasm queen!
Die Fanauswahl: Nina Myers
Die Fanauswahl: Yes! I Liebe it!
Die Fanauswahl: No
Die Fanauswahl: Yes!
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jlhfan624 sagte …
I Liebe Du Mehr than my life! gepostet vor 3 Tagen
jlhfan624 Kommentiert…
I am constantly struck with how incredibly well season one holds up. It first aired in 2001. That was almost 17 years Vor now, and it is not dated at all. I Liebe this iconic show. vor 2 Tagen
MTahmisian sagte …
Happy Birthday Mary Lynn Raksjub! Du were phonomenal and irreplacable in comedy and especially 24 as Chloe O'Brian! gepostet vor einem Monat
big smile
MTahmisian sagte …
Today I get to see Kiefer Sutherland perform in Nashville!!! I'm so excited!!!! Best birthday gift ever! Also cool: My friend has me in her phone as Jack Bauer. gepostet vor 2 Monaten
jlhfan624 Kommentiert…
OMG I just saw your Facebook post! Liebe the shirt! Did Du get any pictures of him?! vor 2 Monaten
MTahmisian Kommentiert…
Yes, I did and I will post them. It was awesome! Also, while we were in line my mom started talking to the guy ahead of us and it turned out that he worked on 24 for years as a stuntman and he was telling us all about Kiefer and the rest of the cast and about working 24. He just came to see if his buddy could sing! vor 2 Monaten