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MTahmisian sagte …
Today the critically acclaimed, award winning Season 5 began. gepostet vor 5 Tagen
jlhfan624 sagte …
24 is still my Favorit thing in the entire universe. 24 IS my universe. It's my identity, who I am. 2018 will mark seventeen years of its existence and my devotion. I wish I could rewind to 2001 and begin the Zeigen with fresh eyes all over again. gepostet vor 10 Tagen
MTahmisian Kommentiert…
I wish I could rewind to a Jahr Vor and view it with fresh eyes. That would be an amazing gift. I'm proud to embrace 24 as my identity too. Anyone should be. vor 9 Tagen
MTahmisian sagte …
Happy Birthday to Michelle Forbes (Lynne Kresge) and seventeen years since Ep. 7 of Season 1 premiered. gepostet vor 12 Tagen