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sonic_rareware8 sagte über Sonic
I have a Frage about Sonic Mega Collection for the GameCube: Can Du save the game in Sonic 1, 2, Sonic & Knuckles, and 3D Blast in Sonic Mega Collection so Du can continue where Du left off instead of having to run through them in one sitting in order to beat them? I would appreciate any responses. Thank you! gepostet vor 3 Monaten
sonic_rareware8 sagte über Sonic
For those who thought this club is dead, at least I'm still part of it and that's what matters most. gepostet vor 3 Monaten
sonic_rareware8 sagte über Banjo-Kazooie
It is so very exciting to see Banjo-Kazooie as playable fighters in Super Smash Bros., not to mention I always remember thinking about them along with Conker and the characters from Diddy Kong Racing in a Mario game! That's what this reminds me of! Now is the time for Banjo-Kazooie to have a new game oder a remaster! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr