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Strawberry0020 hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Hay. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
It's my birthday c: gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
DandC4evacute Kommentiert…
Happy birthday! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
ninjacupcake88 Kommentiert…
Happy birfday :3 Vor mehr als einem Jahr
I was just looking back at some old stories and rp's and...i'm overwhelmed

It was over a Jahr Vor everyone was laughing, posting art, and role playing like their was no tomorrow, we all grew close like family and loved each other like family too. And now, this place is a ghost town...Come on guys, what happened to this place? Where are Du all? Can Du even see this?

If Du can, please come back, this club needs us now than ever before.
I Liebe Du all,and this club loves Du also
~Prinny gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
princess2109 Kommentiert…
oops, there* in the Sekunde sentence :P my bad Vor mehr als einem Jahr
colecutegirl Kommentiert…
i try but when nobody else makes an effort Du tend to just give up thats why we need everyone active but there are people who also deleted their accounts and it's hard ;n; Vor mehr als einem Jahr
princess2109 Kommentiert…
Yeaah! Vor mehr als einem Jahr