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Symbelmine sagte über Legolas Greenleaf
I loved Legolas in LOTR book and movie but I have to admit I was so disappointed with the portrayal of his character in The Hobbit. His character had no depth, no development. Plus he looked completely CGI. He did nothing than slaying orcs and frowning at Tauriel and Kili and following Tauriel like a dog. He was so out of character. His action scenes were so unrealistic and Hollywood like. This wasn´t Legolas I loved in LOTR. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vrosefan Kommentiert…
I know I was a downer on your opinion before.... But it's true! I hated to agree with you, but Legolas should have had way Mehr character!! And Tauriel should have liked Legolas instead of Kili! But Legolas did have some pretty cool action scenes!! I also take some offense at Du calling Legolas a DOG!! That I don't agree with! LOL! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Symbelmine Kommentiert…
I didn´t say he is a dog. I sagte he followed Tauriel like a dog. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Elsafrost11 Kommentiert…
ok, i got it right, thanks! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
If there is a romance between Legolas and Tauriel in the movie it´s going to be the biggest betrayal to true fans. Peter Jackson is really going to far with this!
And you, creator of this group, go to read the Bücher instead of shipping this nonsense! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Persephone713 Kommentiert…
WE GET IT> GO AWAY- we can ship who we want. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Symbelmine Kommentiert…
Another fangirl who can´t get a guy for herself therefore has nothing better to do than to create nonsense ships and drool over them? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
MonicaJonas Kommentiert…
Recalque hahahahahaha Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Elsafrost11 Kommentiert…
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? seriosly simblemine?!!!!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Shepard14 sagte …
Liebe the Icon ;D gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr