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Crazedsitcomfan sagte über Sonic
What if they did a movie titled Me & My Friend Sonic? It would be about a young girl who wishes Sonic was real and he becomes real and the two go on adventures in his world to defeat Dr. Eggman. gepostet vor einem Monat
Crazedsitcomfan sagte über Zufällig
Are Du familiar with Barrett Leddy? gepostet vor einem Monat
Do Du think it is possible for Robin to fake his death? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Simmeh Kommentiert…
Possibly, (I would Liebe it if he were still alive) but I honestly doubt he faked it. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
NadineDeer Kommentiert…
I don't believe he could've fake his own death. Most comedians are usually very depressed, so there's no way they could really fake their death through suicide. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Crazedsitcomfam Kommentiert…
^Yes, Du are right. I’m a fool for not changing my picture and not using female icons. Vor mehr als einem Jahr