Zac Efron New Fan

moneybags posted on Mar 04, 2009 at 04:10PM
We have been dreaming about each other. Do you wish you
Could be apart of my Timpview Buds that they are Crazy
about you? I can remember watching High School Musical 3
about this about this special feeling that we have for them. What would you do that my Rise Staff like Sharla
Carlson that she won't be a Lunnateik how much I apricate
your Friendship alot that my life will give you everyday
how much that I want to have 4 Brothers in my Family like ClARK and Paul and James and You that you can be
adopted in my Family. That I would practice my insterments every day in my bedroom. Do you think I
should watch my Birthday video of this year that nothing is bothering me about this that my Friends are
your Friends they already know that I'm really honored
that we share our dreams with you.
Your best Pal Laura the $ bags

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