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posted by Jamieerose
When the dark slips in and everything's at peace,
When everything is quiet like the world is asleep,
When there are no sounds,
But the water rushing,
The wind in the trees,
And the leafs falling into the stream,

When life is different and it feels complete,
Just stop and breathe, and just believe,
There is no haste, so embrace,
Everything wonderful in the darkness.

Don't be afraid,
Don't close your eyes,
Take a breathe,
Then look outside,
The world is dark,
It's a peaceful time,
When things are sleeping,
oder otherwise.

The world is wonderful when it is day,
The world is cheerful and everyone is at play,
But I rather chose the dark,
When I am hidden, and in my space,
The darkness is a rather peaceful place.
posted by Hellowittykitty
Darkness has taken its toll
Over and over it drones
I just watch the pendulum swing
Across this wicked terrain
Shadows of the street
Come around and try to persuade me

I just want to feel enlightened
Like I'm floating over the darkness
Have the heavens on my side
They try to watch over me
But I just block them out
So very quickly and swiftly
God please save me now

Clouds of the black and merciless
Round and round they come
Trying to capture my fellow brain
And I can't take the awful feeling anymore
In the end,
It doesn't even matter what side your choose
I'm dying inside
Because the horrible light I have is making my eyes throw up

Enlightenment is the key
Without it, we have no destiny
I have none
My horrible scheme has been compromised
It's only a matter of days
Until I, truly become