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I just got this image from Batman under the Red haube because i couldn't find one in Young Justice. >>>>>>>

The Dark knight carried the young teenager into Mount Justice and he set him down onto his bed. Green Arrow and Zatanna approached them.
"Is he okay?" Green Arrow asked, breaking up the silence. Batman looked at him. "Look at him! Do Du think hes alright?" An emotion of sadness grew over the Dark knight. He hasn't felt such sadness in a long time. Zatanna put her hands on her unconscious boyfriend's chest. She began to cry. She then hit his chest with both hands repeatedly....
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"Win again!" Artemis cheered as she bet Wally at a game of chess. Wally sighed. Artemis gave him another punch.
"Your cheating!" Wally shouted. Artemis put her hands on her hips.
"Why would Du think that?" Wally pointed at Robin at far end of the room.
"Wally! Don't be so stupid!" Artemis replied. Wally angrily glared at Artemis.
"Stop helping her Robs!" Wally sagte as he ran up to him. Robin looked up from his phone.
"I'm not helping her!" Wally snatched Robin's phone and held it up in the air.
"Hey!" Robin tried to grab his phone off Wally but he was too fast.
"I'm so close to beating my high...
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Just want to share some of my vid :D thx for veiwing btw
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Something I found in Youtube that i like, i thought Du guys might like it to
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