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posted by Candy77019
 Megan groaned after a while of flying.
Megan groaned after a while of flying.
Megan groaned after a while of flying.
"What's wrong?" Aqualad asked her.
She sighed. "I could see Red haube from here, but the bioship can't come close enough!"
I unbuckled and stood up. "So we run from here," I concluded.
The hatches opened under all of our feet and we headed toward the man in the red helmet.
"Megan, Superboy, and Erica, since Du three can fly--"
"Leap," Superboy interrupted.
"You three must stay ahead of him. The rest of us will attack him from behind."
"Got it!" The three of us shouted at him.
We flew (or super-leaped) over the Red haube and made a Wand right in front of...
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Young Justice
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I watched and died. It's of Wally and Robin. if you're a true Fan you'll die. I rate it pg-13 cuz Wally doesn't understand he's on a PG Zeigen
its thyre friendship but somepics are`nt that soo i like the song!
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Three Minuten later Dick abruptly stopped at a vent cover; almost making me run into is butt.
“Next time give me a warning when you’re about to stop,” I whispered to him. He nodded saying, “We can’t drop down to talk to Artemis, so we’re going to have to do this the hard way.”
“Hard way, you’re kidding, right?” I asked as Dick looked back at me confused. “For a detective Du sure are stupid sometimes. Give me your phone.” My hand was outstretched waiting for his latest model of the Wayne Tech phone. He hesitantly handed over his phone until it hit him, “You’re going...
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posted by Candy77019
 "This strand is for everyone! Well, only the team actually."
"This beach is for everyone! Well, only the team actually."
When I got back to headquarters, I went straight to bed. I couldn't risk going to another mission drowsy.
Thankfully, this night wasn't as lousy as yesterday's. When I closed my eyes, and opened them later, it was already morning.
Wow. How the time flies by...
Suddenly, I heard a few shouting. I looked out the window, curious to find out who it was.
Surprisingly, the shouts were from the team at the beach. A wave was coming at them, and Megan ran at it with her surfboard.
It seemed weird; I never got to see them fooling around like that.
I looked at my alarm clock.
Ten o'clock, already?!!!...
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