Young Justice Time Jump

brown-eyed-girl posted on Nov 07, 2012 at 06:07AM
Hey just some thoughts about the time jump. So it kinda stinks that we don't see the team grow up and we miss a bunch of stuff. And i heard that there might be another time jump so we will miss more stuff. Now it does sound cool but sad that we only get bits and pieces of what happened during that time. Many fans want to see what happened in those five years but it would be weird to go back after this season or they might have a cliff hanger in season and then in season three go back the five years so we will have to wait a season before going back were they left off, that requires to much time jumping. I thought that they should make a spin off of young justice, a show that are about those five years. Of course with the same voice actors and cartoonists. So you think that's a good idea? i'm not sure because how would they fill out the show? And what if the spin-off is behind the original show. We learn something in yj then in the spin-off they show the event so it would be redundent. Plus it might ruin the show. I see why they did the time jump it's kinda cool but i guess it's kinda sentimental to want to know what happened in those five years. But things do happen, big events. Supermartian break up, robin to night wing, lagoon boy and miss.m (i don't think a lot of people would like to see that happen) wally and artemis become a couple and retire the hero business, aqualad "becomes evil", Roy twin tries to find roy, roy twin and chesuire, and the secret plans between wally,dick, artemis, and aqualad.( I think aqaualad already knew who his father is because dick said that aqualad was under cover since the team was formed. Was the team young justice? that means roy AND Aqualad were the moles) Well those are my thoughts on the time jump. Comment about your opinions

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