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Silence_BelleYJ posted on May 31, 2012 at 11:10PM
So... can I haz permissionz from you to use your characters in making the silence?? pweaz??
I just need like name, age, alias, powers, personality and looks... tanks?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Red_HoodYJ said…
You have my permission. If you want a anti-heroine, that is. So, here's the info you want:
Name: Red Hood
Sercret ID: Aeronwen (Air-on-when) Todd
Nicknames: Aero, Aeron, Todd (pronounced Erin), Red
Age: 17
Powers: Been trained by Red Hood, so skilled with firearms, knives and multiple other weapons, higher resistance to injury then the average human, perfect aim/never misses unless purposely
Personality: smart-ass, sarcastic, sly, intelligent, hot-tempered
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, 5'10, 127 lbs
Civvies: black elbow sleeve boat neck shirt, black loose jeans, belt
"On-the-Job" outfit: Red helmet, domino mask, dark brown biker jacket, dark grey pants, grey kevlar shirt, dark combat boots, gloves.

So, again. If you need an anti-hero, I got your back, girl ;)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AislingYJ said…
Red Hood: You're a villain? Cool! (I think...)
Name: Aisling Carter
Alias: Tiger Storm
Age: 14/15
Appearance:Solid build, about 5’8’. Short, wavy dark brown hair that I wear in a messy ponytail, blue-green eyes, freckles.
Civvies: Purple hoodie sweatshirt, black Adidas sweatpants, and either black Converse jack purcells or black Vans.
Powers: Mostly pretty weak. Flight, moderate strength... My strongest power is my gauging power: I can gauge measurements such as distance, speed, time, temperature, etc. which comes in handy sometimes, especially for navigating. Also, if I stand really still, I can camouflage, but as soon as I move, I become visible again.
Personality: Quiet, tomboyish, and kind of shy, extremely loyal. Tough exterior but inside is sensitive and caring, and slightly insecure because my powers are weaker than others’ powers.
Costume: purple and green bodysuit, red black and purple cape, green and purple mask (that shows my eyes), black boots
Other: has 2 pet rats, Rascal and Rogue, that the team gave her for her birthday; knows Fin's secret identity (not that that's useful now, since she's dead)
Pwease include me!! :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Red_HoodYJ said…
@Aisling Not villain. I destroy villains. Hence why I'm an anti-hero. Not good, not super bad. Just...middle ground. Oh, and thanks
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr KatRox1 said…
big smile
Name: Mercy (Bella-but doesn't like using it) Watson
Alias: Mercy
Age: 16
Powers: Can control and create fire and heat, immune to burns and can't feel hight temperatures
Appearance: Orange hair with gold highlights ending at her shoulders, approximately 5' 6 or 7", freckles, crystal blue eyes, 3 piercings on one ear; 2 on the other, pale-ish
Civies: Tank top, baggy pants or short-shorts, flip-flops, knap sack filled with herbs and home remedies journal
Costume: Black tank-top, Black skinny jeans, black utility belt, olive green leather mini jacket, black army boots
Personality: Random, immature, can be caring when needed, extremely smart (but doesn't like to admit it), HATES the idea of murder, gets distracted sometimes, unsure about her hero position (Becomes a villain during the 5 year time skip), extreme fear of heights
Other: Has a pet iguana, friends with some villains, HATES medicines and uses home remedies instead, knows around 50 languages, always carries around a bag of herbs, sometimes blurts out in another language, has a piece of alien tech that she calls "The Transport" which can transport her places, gets lost easily, dating Kaldur'Ahm

(((Is that enough? If you need any more info I'm just a message away :D )))
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Black_Robin_13 said…
Name: Salem
Alias: Quick Silver
Age: 15
Power: Technopathy sword master
Personality: shy, loner, family-oriented
Appearance: Black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, skinny, 5'2', silver leotard, black leather jacket, a ninja-to at her side, a black messenger bag, and a whole ninja mask. Always has her laptop, Epsilon, with her.

btw: i love red hood.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Red_HoodYJ said…
@Black_Robin_13 Don't we all?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Black_Robin_13 said…