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posted by DeltaYJ
I wake up in a soft bed, that’s the first thing that’s wrong. Adrenaline already pumping in my veins, I leap out of the unknown bed. I peer around the room, that’s definitely not Cadmus. Where am I? I ask myself. I realise another thing, I’m really tall. I look at myself in a nearby mirror. This can’t be happening someone else is staring at me through the mirror. I look like a pre-teenager, like Experiment 1535783. What was her image age again?......12? Yeah that’s it, 12 years old in human years. This must be a trick....a test! This is a Cadmus testing unit! Probably to teach me how to react in different scenarios. Might as well get over it, and go back to Alpha. I open the door to blinding lights. This is one weird test...there was no problem, just a long hallway. I dash down the halls to the weirdest sight, kids. The oddest group of kids, different ages, some obviously not human, all interacting with each other. One turned and looked at me, then smiled wide and jumped over the couch he was sitting on, and ran at me. I was crushed, at first I thought it was an attack, but it was a symbol of human affection...a hug? Yes that’s what the Genomorphs called it. I tried to squirm out of the person's grasp. The boy pulled me away and I saw how much I looked like him, it was almost creepy.
“Del-ly! You're alright!!” The boy smiled widely. What kind of test it this? Am I supposed to kill him oder am I supposed to blend in with the others? The boy’s smile faltered as he saw my confused expression.
“Delta Du alright?” He asked me as the other kids gathered around. My eyes widened.
“HOW DO Du KNOW MY CODE NAME!!!” I yell. The Cadmus scientist don’t know my name, only the director and the other five do! The others looked stunned.
“Delta what are Du talking about?” A girl who looked like the boy asked.
“That’s it forget the test! I need to see the director!” I yell staring at the fake ceiling. oder what’s supposed to be the fake ceiling. The others look at me as if I Lost it. I glare at the simulations.
“FINE! Du want me to finish the stupid simulation?! I WILL!!” I yell and schlagen, punsch the boy in front of me, making a satisfying crunch. He yelled but I was already out of there and ran out of the room. Suddenly something blurred my vision and a red-haired boy stood in front of me.
“Delta?! What’s your problem?!” He said. I pull a messer that I stahl, stola for the küche counter and slice the boy’s arm and run towards the tube things, as he yells in pain.
Recognised Delta B-15 a voice says as the room behind me disappeared. Instead of the white Cadmus walls I expected, I see a dirty alleyway.
“What kind of test is this?” I ask the scientists, but get no answer. I do the only thing I know to do now, I start walking.
posted by Robin_Love
Willow felt worried. After all they'd done to get the antidote, it was a fake. And now she was running from security guards and assassins. I hate Lex Luthor Mehr than ever! I should've payed Mehr attention when Becca was teaching me how to hack! Narrowly missing a bullet, Willow ducked under the closest thing. Unfortunately for her, it was a large dumpster. When she saw their feet go past, Willow crawled out from under there and wiped herself off. She turned as a gun shot was heard. The bullet was pointed right at her. There was a blur of blue and white. A teenage boy stood in front of her,...
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posted by DeltaYJ
..... Your Friends ship Du and your brother.

(Starring Delta*dannagrayson*/Robin*dickgrayson*/Infinity*kyragrayson*/Artemis*artemiscrock*/Barbra Gordon/((other students)))

It was a regular Tag at Gotham Academy; beliebt girls bulling others; Jocks being stupid; Teachers being unaware; kids ignoring the situation; a group of very angry undercover superheroes. The five sagte Heroes were sitting with their Friends Barbra, Todd, Drake, Cass, and a few others at the table.
"I'm gonna buy lunch," Danna sagte getting up with a few 'OKs' from the group. But a Minute aster she left evil struck AKA Nicole...
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posted by justjill
"So...Have Du found any girls yet?" Wally asked me. Here we go again, another one of his talks about his social life when I could be paying attention to battle field where Aqualad and Artemis fighting on the field. Artemis flipped Aqualad on the ground, before I continued,"Nah, The B man doesn't want any drama in the cave, we get enough emotions from Alfred." "Alfred?! Seriously Rob ? Are Du gonna keep on staying single until Du grow old and die?" I broke into a grin,"You know this is coming from you, the ladies man who haven't even got a lady.""Hey, at least I know I could give...
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posted by Skittles98
“We’ll help you” Robin decided
“You are not the one to make that choice: Aqualad is” I said, turning to him.
“Yes, I am. And I agree with Robin. We will help you, Princess” he said
“Thank you. We must hurry” I said, rushing to the bio-ship. I waited while everyone filed into the bio-ship and stood beside Miss Martian.
“Take this route. It is safe, but only if we go through Torment Forest, past Piranha Cove, but avoid the Chasm of Chilling Mist’s, then over Wakanda” I instructed. “If we go any other way, we will be spotted” We started going straight over the jungle I...
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posted by Robin_Love
“He told me if I didn't do the things he told me to, oder if I fought him, he would hurt you.”
Robin stared at her for a minute.
“Why were Du there?” she whispered.
“Why did Du Zeigen up? I had no clue where I was. Why did Du find me?”
“Because I wanted to tell Du something. Something that I should've told Du a long time ago. Something I wanted him to hear. I was there because Du needed me and...”
“And I needed you. But I couldn't say what I still need to say because he was all over Du and I grew...”
“Jealous. I became jealous...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Hurry! We could be too late!”
“Wally, stop it! Don't make me nervous oder it'll be too late for you!”
Wally shut his mouth, looking over Becca's shoulder instead. She groaned but the code was accessed. They ran down a secret corridor, following the once Dark Angel. When they got to a fork, Devin turned to them.
“We'll have to teilt, split up. Becca and I will take the left. Du guys go for the right.”
Before anyone could object, both girls turned and ran down their hall. When they were out of sight, Devin opened her wings in the bigger space.
“Did you...know this would...happen?” Becca asked,...
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“What's the plan?” Wally whispered as he and Becca danced to the song.
“Just keep playing as we are. I had Devin let the others know. We're the inside spies. Any sign, we let them know. And vice versa.”
“So we have to keep faking liking each other until we find find Robin?”
“That would be correct.”
For some odd reason, Wally felt his herz sink. There was something about Becca that drew his attention. It made him want to focus. And that was saying a lot, considering his long record of NOT being able to pay attention. He pulled Becca jut a little bit closer and was surprised when...
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posted by Robin_Love
A smile lit his face.
“As long as we find Robin, I don't care what we do.”
Becca nodded. She led him to a secluded area and pulled a tux out of her belt.
“What?! How'd you-Why's that in there?!”
Becca smirked.
“Take a guess Kid Spaz.”
Wally blushed a little as he took it and the answer came to mind.
“In case Du and Robin go out after missions?”
Becca nodded.
“Devin can use a little of her guardian power to make it fit you. Now if Du need me, which Du shouldn't, I'll be back soon.”
Becca slipped off and Devin sprinkled a bit of magic on the suit. It grew to Wally's size and she...
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posted by Robin_Love
The escrim sticks twirled in her hands and Wally noticed it as a nervous habit. They were spinning almost faster than he could follow. His eyes followed them round and round. He was starting to get dizzy and pulled his gaze to her face. She was biting her lip as she searched for an answer. But she suddenly slammed the weapons to the ground; thank goodness they were shatter proof.
“Where did they take him?!”
Wally felt uneasy. He was alone with Robin's girlfriend who was, at the moment, pretty pissed about her boyfriend's disappearance. They had been hunting for weeks, Becca continuing when...
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