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posted by Robin_Love
“Damn it,” Becca muttered, looking at her bleeding wrist.
“Did I cut you?”
“Shut up Hex!”
sagte villain laughed. He walked over to her calmly, grabbing her wrist.
“It's not to deep, birdie. Du should heal.”
“Let me go,” Becca hissed.
“As Du wish.”
Hex released her, blasting her with red energy. Becca screamed, falling over the edge of the building. She grabbed hold of the edge, steadying herself. She looked up. Hex was calmly standing over her.
“Well that's not safe, sicher at all. Then again, you're a bird. Let's see Du fly.”
Another wave of red energy hit her, and Becca's hands slipped. She started falling and she closed her eyes. Pleasework, pleasework, pleasework, pleasework! Blue mist surrounded her and Becca was instantly on the roof. Yes!
“Huh. Your magic still works. Even after I've hexed you. Interesting.”
Becca ducked another blast, tumbling behind a large vent. She caught her breath, waiting. Her nose started bleeding. Damn. Becca moved as another blast came after her. She tripped and fell as she was hit. Hex stood over her, his hands generating red energy.
“Any last words, birdie? oder do want this to be quick?”
Before Becca could open her mouth, Hex started shaking, electric currents running throughout his entire frame. He fell to the ground, revealing a boy with orange hair and deep blue eyes.
“Wow. Sparrow is not a good nickname for you. Change it to swan.”
“Why?” Becca asked.
“Cause they are prized birds. Du are a prized hero.”
“I'm no hero.”
“Whatever. Still, change Du name...”

Becca sat up in bad, eyes wide. She looked around, panting.
“Huh. It was only a dream.”
Becca pulled her knees up, looking out her window. Rain poured down and lightning flashed. She screeched when she saw a face. A Sekunde later, it was gone. Becca put a hand to her heart, trying to steady her breathing. She got out of bett and went to the bathroom. She stood at the sink, splashing cold water on her face. She used the towel to try it and then looked in the mirror. She screamed again, seeing the face from her window. She threw a dagger at it, shattering the mirror. Becca gasped, running to her closet. She pulled her costume out from the back and dressed quickly. She put on her trench coat, adding a few extra supplies in her pockets. She quickly brushed her hair, putting them in their usual pony tails.
“I got to get a haircut,” she muttered, slipping on her boots.
Becca exited her apartment, leaving the key in the same place she'd been hiding it. She put a manila envelope on her landlord's schreibtisch and left. She walked in the streets, heading out of Gotham.
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Prequel Series: Revenge Series
Link- link

Book One: Redemption

Book Two: TBR

Book Three: TBR

Book Four: TBR

Until I can get a longer article:
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Just because Kim Possible was one of my Favorit tv shows when I was little!
Young Justice
roy harper
red Arrow
Superboy walked Von the hanger getting a glimpse of Robin and Ali, not wanting to interrupt but being Ali’s biological (sort of) brother. Had to listen in, for protection of course, but even with super hearing he only got bits and pieces “Yes! It works!” he heard a tiny cheer and muffled noises, did they just kiss? “Ok so here is the plan……….and then……following her DNA…….and then BANG instant….,” He revised that the only way to hear Mehr he would have to go inside, before he could get himself to do it. Megan came up behind him.
“Connor? What’s wrong?” she asked....
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posted by Mclovin_69
The joker threw his dagger straight at Robin that just missed him, "come on is that all Du got" Robin shouted before throwing one of his smoke bombs infront of the Joker. The Joker coughed as he was kicked from behind Von Robin and was knocked out, " Hey got my bad guy!" Robin shouted and looked over to Kidflash who was fighting Poison Ivy running circles around her " HOLD STILL! KID" she screamed while shooting up a plant from underneath him, thus shooting him up in the air and making him come back down hitting the floor knocking him out. Poison Ivy laughed but was shot in the back Von an exploding...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What did Du do?”
Wally looked up from eating his sandwich to stare into Robin's upset face.
“Rebecca's upset and won't talk to me. sagte Du did something.”
Robin leaned in close, anger visible through his mask.
“What did Du do?”
Wally scooted back a little. He'd seen Robin angry but this was weird. Didn't the Boy Wonder know that she was only playing with his head?
“Nothing! I just...warned her not to hurt anyone on the team.”
It wasn't the truth but it was close enough for Wally's taste.
Wally rubbed the spot on his head that Robin had slapped.
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posted by Skittles98
“I’m on Themyscira. I am un-harmed and doing well. I’m being trained to be an Amazon. Don’t come. We are preparing in case of battle. There is something on the horizon coming towards us that might pose a threat” I informed them. I saw my hawks flying towards me. I held out my arm and they landed. They made a bunch of caws and squawks that I understood. There was a boot with six people coming towards here. No weapons, but four men.
“Okay. We’ll send Megan and Artemis to pick Du up” Robin informed me
“No. Not yet. I’m not finished here. I must help my sisters against the men.”...
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posted by Candy77019
 "This is Sabrina, my fiancee."
"This is Sabrina, my fiancee."
I counted to twenty until the door finally opened. A familiar brown haired man appeared from behind it, smiling.
"Erica, nice to see you!" Chris greeted, motioning inside. "Come in!"
"Thanks," I muttered, following him to the livingroom. Usually, Annaliese would be Lesen magazines there, oder Victoria would be painting her nails.
"Where're the girls?" I asked awkwardly, forgetting the reason why I came here.
"Anna's working late, and Vicky's attending a basketball game. Do Du need anything?" he asked after I looked around the livingroom.
"Oh, I just... wanted to know... how Du guys were doing,...
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This girl basically just summed up my life. ADMIT IT YOU'VE sagte AT LEAST 3 OF THESE THINGS
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