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Alter ego: Jamie Paige Tyson
Age: 16
Aliases: Rosa Volpe, Foxy Jamison, Lady Megera
Known Locations: Manhattan, The Shadow’s HQ, Happy Harbor, Italy
Powers: enhanced senses and strength; those of a female fuchs [a vixen]
Can shape shift into a füchsin, vixen of any color
Has telepathy
Personality: strict, mysterious, polite, logical, quiet, mischievous
Appearance: Red hair with white bangs, amber eyes, pointed teeth, wears orange leggings, orange strapless oben, nach oben with a Design that goes up the oben, nach oben of her chest and around her neck, orange boots, orange gloves with retractable claws and an orange domino mask and a white utility belt.
Civvies: black silk collared-shirt with sleeves rolled up to elbows, black jeans, black steel boots and a green gürtel that sits on her waist.
Likes: the wild, foxes (literally), direct orders, her friends
Dislikes: Wally/Kid Flash, improvisation, complications in plans
Story: As a child, Jamie was abandoned Von her family, left to die in the wild and get mauled Von foxes. Foxes found her and nurtured her. She became one of them and naturally enhanced all her senses. She was abducted one Tag Von the Light, who messed with her genes and made her able to turn into any fuchs of any color. She was put with a team of two others like her: löwin and Eagle. The three became un-separable.

Alter ego: Helen Phoenix Smith
Age: 13 (youngest of the three)
Aliases: Eagle-eye
Known Locations: San Francisco, The Shadow’s HQ, Happy Harbor
Powers: enhanced senses, those of an eagle.
Can shape shift into an eagle of any color
Personality: care-free, lovable, funny, a dreamer
Appearance: same as Vixen’s, but grey and she bears no utility belt. Her gloves are also longer. She has black hair that’s cut short with long bangs that go straight across the forehead and cover the oben, nach oben half of her eyes.
Civvies: a grey strapless hemd, shirt with a black short sleeved jacket, jeans and grey high-heeled boots
Likes: fresh air, high up places, pranks, Robin
Dislikes: being underground, rudeness, arguments, the Light, being used
Story: When she was three, her parents divorced and she ran away. She was hurt and sick when a mother Eagle found her. She taught poor little Helen the way of the eagle, therefore enhancing her natural capabilities. When she was nine, she had caught the attention of the Light. They kidnapped her and messed with her genes and made her able to turn into any eagle of any color. She was put with a team of two others like her: löwin and Vixen. The three became un-separable.

Alter ego: Sheila Parker King
Age: 15
Aliases: Lillian Loch, Cat Queen
Known Locations: South Africa, Colorado, Maine, Rhode Island, Michigan, Southern Ontario, Rome, Tokyo, The Shadow’s HQ and Happy Harbor
Powers: enhanced senses and strength; those of a female lion
Can shape shift into a löwin of any color
Night vision
Personality: motherly, brave, loyal, a born leader
Appearance: same as Vixen’s and Eagle’s, but in a Mehr golden color. She also carries a whip and her gloves have criss-crossing straps going up her wrist. Her gloves also have retractable claws. She has a mane of golden blonde hair and has green eyes. She also has extremely sharp teeth; hard and sharp enough to break through bone.
Civvies: she wears a brown sleeveless hemd, shirt made from a rough material and jeans. She wears brown hiking boots and always has a golden gürtel around her arm.
Likes: hiking, milk, Aqualad (Shhhh, another secret!), running, traveling
Dislikes: being compared to Catwoman, seafood, the Light
Story: When traveling with her parents in the Savannah, little Sheila fell in a river and was carried all the way downstream. She found herself being watched Von a group of lioness’s who she befriended and tamed with the help of her knowledge of the beats. She soon was taught to be a löwin herself. One day, while hunting a flock of wild game, the Light snatched her up and played around with her genes with the help of Cadmus. They gave her the ability to shift into a löwin of any color. She was put with a team of two others like her: Eagle and Vixen. The three became un-separable.
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 It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
I woke up and got ready like always I went down stairs and there was a note it said:


When Du read this note please head over to Mt.Justice asap okay and if Du have no idea what asap means its as soon as possible.see Du here


Okay whats with the letters hes been leaving me those ike for a week now saying I Liebe you,Xoxo.
I better get there and not keep this up im lucky to have him with me.

When I got there every guy was in a tux I had a stupid expresion on my face.
M`gann came running to me almost half dressed her hair half done saying:Glad you`re here come on lets get Du ready!...
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welcome to the Zeigen
Young Justice
britt nicole
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Wally sat back on the couch. Since Dick couldn’t go to the Filme Wally decided to stay home. He had piles of potatoes chip bags and buckets of chicken surrounding him. He was watching T.V and eating when Barry came in and saw the mess.
“Wow Wally I wonder how your mother’s going to react this mess”
“They’re out. But I’ll clean this up in a flash before they come back ” Wally sagte pun intended.
“What are Du doing here uncle Barry?”
“Your parents asked me to check up on you” Barry said. “Hey I thought Du were going to the Filme with Robin”
“He canceled. Bats made...
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"Please! You-you can't!" A bruised figure huddled in the corner of a darkened room, shuddering with fear. She sat among drops of copper-smelling red liquid, still flooding the cracks in the cement. She clutched onto her left arm desperately, trying to stop the flow. Mixed with the blood were pain-filled tears, reflecting each hit from the attacker.
"Maybe Weiter time you'll listen, hmm?" Another blow, another bruise, another scar, Mehr blood flowing. "Maybe Weiter time Du won't run." The sound of shattered plastic ran out to the shadows as the girl's sunglasses broke. Her eyelids were clenched...
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SOOOOOOOOO I will start typing stuff up as soon as a story line comes to me which is probably like tomorrow so..
I'm gonna make a character cars and draw and stuff
(robin)butt this is all you'll be getting for nows:

Hero Name: Naturess (Nate for short :P)
Secret I.D: Sierra I. Bowen
Powers: Power to control weather
*Emotions can affect weather
*Past is.....questionable

Sierra Izabel Bowen was born to charlotte and Norman Bowen July 29.
Norman had past issues working with the League of Shadows.
He eventually was killed off by...
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