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posted by KatRox1
Tonight was different, it had a Mehr erie feel in the air. It was just 2 years Vor that Grandma had died. No, not died, murdered. The clouds seemed to cover the sky like a blanket. Only the glow of the moon showed through small cracks in the mist above me. A silent tear slowly rolled down my cheek, and I lifted my had to grab onto my locket that she had gegeben me the Tag she died, as an early birthday present. Out of the corner of my eye a shadow quickly ran by. I started to chase it, quickly letting go of the locket and onto a mini-explosion pellet from my utility belt. As I raised my hand to throw it, a strong hand grabbed onto my wrist, pulling me back. I quickly turned so that I could confront him oder her, but I stopped when I realized who it was. "Oh, it's you." I quietly said, my voice quavering just the slightest bit. "Don't worry, Batman's got him." He said. We both started to walk into an alley, the sound of grunts and punches were distant. "So how are you?" I looked over at him, kicking some crumpled leaves and dust. "Fine." He sagte with his head down. "OK, why did Du really come tonight? You're just making this a bit Mehr awkward!" I blurted out. He looked over at me, his eyes were widened with surprise, "Will Du please just tell me who Du are?"He said. Yes, it was a bit random, but we had met 2 months Vor and he still knew nothing about me. "Oh, com'on" I laughed, "I know about Du as much as Du do about me! So... tell me who Du are!" I nudged him playfully. He chuckled, "Call me Robin." I raised one eyebrow in surprise. Great, I needed a hero name also, so I didn't have to tell him my real name, Mel Ritozo. The name of the rich girl who's parents owned Ritozo Enterprises, the name of the rich girl who had a reputation for being a goody-goody and never hurting a fly. The name of the rich girl who always had body guards around her and was expected to take over the company when my parents passed. Yeah, I'll tell him that. I had to think quick. All of a sudden the line that my grandmother always told me popped into my head, 'When life pushes Du down, just bounce right back up. Like an echo off the wall.' "Echo." I blurted out. It sounded kind of cool, actually. Robin smiled and nodded. "Cool. So, That wasn't the exact thing I had to tell you." He looked down again. "Oh?" I tilted my head slightly. He kept his head down, like it was awkward for him. "You see, I work on this team." "You mean Du and Batman?" He shook his head, "No, a team with the Justice Leauge."
"No idea who they are."
"They're like this elite team of superheros and stuff like that. Anyways, I'm on this Jr.Justice Leauge thing, and one of our teammates is going to be out for a week, and we really need someone to take his spot. His name is Aqualad. But, we nominated people we knew yesterday, and I kind of nominated you, and they all agreed that Du would be the best choice since our other Friends couldn't." He laughed quietly and I frowned. "You what?" I sagte through gritted teeth, then loosened up and sighed. "Fine, but don't expect me to follow any special rules." I looked at my watch, 2:30 am, my parent would probably want me awake tomorrow for the meeting with Bruce Wayne. "I gotta go, see Du later birdy-boy?" He laughed and looked up at me, "Not if Du call me that!" He smiled, and ran back off into the night. I smiled back and ran back to the apartment, changed into my pajamas, and fell asleep dreaming about Robin.

Tell me what Du thought of it!! Should I continue it oder stop it and start a new one? Also, if Du want a visual of Mel/Echo, check out the Fan art Von jadore_renard titled, "KatRox1's Request" Thanks!!!
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'So, how did i do?'Crystal
asked. 'Ahhh..trouble'.Robin sagte as he pionted behind her.'What?'.Crystal turned around to see who but Batman.'Nooooooooooo!'Crystal shouted.

'I mean yessssss!'Crystal added. 'What was that about?'Nightman asked.'Crystal I..we need to talk..alone'.Batman said.

Crystal hanged her head as they walked to her room.Batman entered her room. She offered him a sitz then sat on her bett herself.

'Look.when your mom came here she told me to take care of u and to teach u the basics and especiallly told me that Du are like a gem to her'.Batman said.'Well ,if Du say so Crystal is...
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